Controversial web star, YouTuber Twomad found dead in his home at the age of 23

Twomad, whose real name was Muudea Sedik, died on Tuesday February 13, 2024. The 23-year-old American Youtuber was found lifeless at his home. The rest under this advertisement Millions of fans are in mourning. American YouTuber Twomad, real name Muudea Sedik, was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. His body was found by … Read more

The worst YOUTUBE trap: why it became dangerous for our CARDS

Along with the latest technological developments, virtual scams became highly sophisticated; to the point that cybercriminals are already capable of replicating the image and voice of trusted people to create audiovisual content of a highly manipulative nature. YouTube is a breeding ground for these operations, since recently it was seen how hackers managed to hack … Read more

Channel Zero Krzysztof Stanowski interview president cost

As announced, on Thursday, February 1, Krzysztof Stanowski’s new project – Kanał Zero – was launched. At the beginning, viewers could watch one material – an interview of the channel’s author with Przemysław Rudzki. The conversation was watched live by 69,000 people from the beginning. viewers, this number quickly exceeded 100,000. Channel Zero costs PLN … Read more

Krzysztof Stanowski’s Channel Zero is launched. What to start with?

Krzysztof Stanowski announced on October 13, 2023 that he was leaving Channel Sportowy, which he had been co-creating for four years. The journalist ran the “Journalism Zero” series as part of the KS, in which he humorously commented on various events unrelated to sports. He gained great publicity this summer when, in several episodes, he … Read more

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Breaks Guinness World Records – Get the Latest Updates and News!

2023-12-07 03:24:30 The first trailer of “Grand Theft Auto 6” reached three Guinness World Records, with the most views and likes in 24 hours. Yahoo! News. The first promotional video of “Grand Theft Auto 6” set a new record for the most views of video game videos on YouTube. Hamut Video Game Information Station “GTA … Read more

the video game event is already breaking audience records

2023-12-05 22:40:03 By Steve Tenré Published yesterday at 11:40 p.m., Updated yesterday at 11:48 p.m. An image taken from the GTA 6 trailer, released overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Rockstar Games With more than 90 million views less than 24 hours after its release, the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer caused a tidal wave on … Read more