Spotify has issues with AI-generated fake music and listeners

2023-05-10 19:05:18 Spotify has recently been experiencing issues with AI-generated songs and listeners (users). The information was reported by site Gizmodo, where Spotify is said to have deleted thousands of songs generated by artificial intelligence that were stored in the library of the streaming service, but this is not the company’s biggest problem. In fact, … Read more

“OPPO’s Find N2 Flip Update: Enhanced Spotify Integration and Multi-Functional External Screen Optimization”

2023-04-26 05:28:55 OPPO recently announced that the flagship folding phone Find N2 Flip has released a major software update to further optimize the operating experience of the multi-function external screen on the app, including supporting “Spotify cards” when playing music, and “voice” for replying to messages. Reply instantly via text.” This time, OPPO and Spotify … Read more

YouTube Music starts receiving podcasts

YouTube Music is finally gaining access to podcasts. The information came through the AndroidPolice website, where it is said that several users have started to report that subscribers have reported the appearance of podcasts on the YouTube Music home screen. Some YouTube Music users have reported that podcasts are showing up on the app’s home … Read more

Best value for money for streaming DAPs? // review

The FiiO M11S is a DAP (Digital Audio Player) that has been standing out in the market of portable music players due to its cost-effectiveness. Currently, aside from the Tempotec v6 ($371), the M11S ($449) is one of the cheapest players with support for installing music streaming apps we have. For this reason, it has … Read more

Alejandro Sanz opens his heart: What did he say about his new EP “Correcaminos”, about Shakira and Tony Succar? | INTERVIEW | DannyOcean | Music | Spain | Latin America | | LIGHTS

Every time he goes on stage, Alejandro Sanz wraps three fingers of his right hand with white tape. (Universal Music Group) “‘Correcaminos’ was born from wanting to share a song with Danny, a different, unique artist, with a very sophisticated way of understanding music and a vocal technique that I like. For a long time … Read more