Michigan House Bills Aim to Reduce Prison Populations: Second Look Sentencing Act

2024-04-18 21:03:06 UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WLUC) – A set of Democratic-proposed House bills trying to reduce prison populations in Michigan and give inmates a second chance. The package of bills, referred to as the “Second Look Sentencing Act,” would allow most inmates who have served 10 years to petition for a hearing and have their … Read more

The Latvian capital lacks 123 police officers

There were 123 vacancies in the Riga Municipal Police (RKP) last year, according to the report on police work for 2023, which the Riga City Council Committee on Security, Order and Prevention of Corruption plans to consider tomorrow, April 10. Of the indicated vacancies, 71 were vacancies for inspectors and rescue inspectors, 45 were vacancies … Read more

how Ukraine paralyzes the Russian Air Force (VIDEO)

Ukrainian military expert Ivan Kirichevsky believes that after the drone attack on the Russian Morozovsk and Engels airfields, such attacks will become systematic. “If we talk about the future, despite the fact that the enemy now has superior resources, the Ukrainian Defense Forces are in fact constantly and systematically working to look for asymmetric means, … Read more

They want to expel those exporting to the Russian Federation from the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the next meeting of the board of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), which will take place on April 18, it is planned to consider the possibility of terminating cooperation with enterprises exporting to Russia and Belarus, said Chairman of the Board of the LCCI Janis Endzins. He noted that the LCCI … Read more

According to 47.1% of Latvian companies, the non-taxable minimum should be 700 euros

In Latvia, 47.1% of businesses believe that the tax-free minimum should be the minimum wage, which is currently 700 euros, according to a survey conducted by Jumis pro, the developer of the Jumis business management system. According to Jumis pro, the survey was conducted because high inflation in recent years has left businesses under pressure … Read more

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Advocacy for Amendments to Currency Earnings Fines Bill

2023-12-11 21:31:46 Big business asked deputies to change the bill introducing fines for non-sale of foreign currency earnings by exporters, which passed its first reading at the end of November. Comments on the document are given in a letter from the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Alexander Shokhin, to the … Read more

Lin Zhisheng’s Key Role in the Taiwan Competition: Expert Insights and Updates

2023-10-30 08:07:00 Lin Zhisheng. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun) [Reporter Ni Wanjun/Reporting from Taipei]Wei Quanlong returned to Tianmu’s home court this week to prepare for the Taiwan Competition. Head coach Ye Junzhang has a basic prototype of the 28-man roster for the competition, but 41-year-old “big brother” Lin Zhisheng will definitely “win” , Mr. Ye … Read more

Lin Bay Good Oil: Ministry of Agriculture Criticized and Cyber Intimidation Forces Website Closure

2023-09-23 01:39:03 2023/09/23 09:39 After criticizing the Ministry of Agriculture many times, “Lin Bay Good Oil” claimed that it had been intimidated by cyber warriors and decided to stop updating and close its Facebook fan page. (Picture taken from Facebook) [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Lin Yuhong, the moderator of the agricultural fan blog “Lin Bay Good Oil”, … Read more