want tighter restrictions on nicotine merchandise

To guard younger folks from the nicotine route, it was proposed to introduce uniform restrictions on flavoring components as a way to cut back the temptation to strive new nicotine merchandise, the press service of the Ministry of Social Affairs reported. Estonian Well being Minister Riina Sikkut stated the joint attraction to the European Fee … Read more

The EU spoke about the financial benefits of the United States from aid to Ukraine

“Mr Alexis Jolly asks Mr Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs [Франции Стефана Сежурне] on the distribution of French and European aid intended to support Ukraine’s military efforts. On April 21, 2024, the US House of Representatives passed a $61 billion aid plan aimed at supporting Ukraine’s military efforts against Russia. This relief plan includes … Read more

They want to lure foreign teachers into Latvian classrooms

According to Presidential Adviser Martins Dregeris, the bill is intended to provide an opportunity to attract highly qualified specialists to Latvian universities who are not only motivated to gain experience abroad, but also want to work in the long term with predictable career growth in the academic and research field in Latvia. The bill establishes … Read more

A luxury McLaren car made of rose gold crashes…its price and owner’s position revealed • Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-04 08:15:00 EXCLUSIVE TRANSLATION: Showcase a video and photo collage of the luxury rose gold McLaren car crash to a TikTok influencer. According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, the famous Tik Toker, Gorvin Dial, the 24-year-old owner of the car, was driving his £90,000 supercar when it crashed into some pillars on Chapel … Read more

Peppo Advocates for Electronic Ballot Boxes: Strengthening Democracy and Transparency

2023-06-19 06:33:07 Peppo and Capitanich were once allies, but the PASO that took place in the province this Sunday found them at odds. Within this framework, the current ambassador in Paraguay launched a series of darts against the current president in recent days: he was one of the first political leaders of Chaco to come … Read more

Made of plastic, metal and glass.. Motorola launches one of its best phones this year

Motorola is preparing to launch a new phone at a competitive price, with specifications that make it among the best Android phones. According to the latest leaks, the Moto X40 Pro will have a body made of plastic, metal, and anti-shock and scratch-resistant glass, and it is protected from water and dust, its dimensions are … Read more

Russia is preparing for something big and unexpected, even if it makes the whole world die! – Video • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi political analyst said that what is going on in the minds of some of Russia’s exposure to a crushing defeat in Ukraine, and its retreat at the military level there, due to the internal crises it is exposed to, is just an illusion. And the political analyst added in a video … Read more

A report monitors the suffering of the people of Cordoba neighborhood in Riyadh from car rental offices… and one of them is offering his house for sale • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Abdullah Al-Shammari offered his house in Riyadh for sale due to the large number of “rental offices” cars. Al-Shammari said, in an interview with the “Al-Rased” program, “I offered the house for sale and I am now looking for an alternative house,” noting: “I am comfortable in my home because it is … Read more