Protecting Your Android Apps: Essential Security Measures for Data Privacy and Protection

2023-11-29 23:23:43 Al-Anbat – Our mobile phones stored a lot of our data, information, and privacy, which made them vulnerable to electronic attacks, so how can we protect our data and applications from these attacks.. Here are some important measures for the security of Android applications: • Install applications from trusted sources only: Do not … Read more

The Souls of Heroes at Rest: Burial Ceremony of Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Martyrs in South Korea

2023-11-25 13:20:00 Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, November 24 Title: The souls of heroes rest in peace, the family and the country are in peace – Side notes on the burial ceremony of the remains of the tenth batch of Chinese People’s Volunteer Army martyrs in South Korea Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Yi and Ding … Read more

Understanding the Factors Influencing the Yen’s Depreciation and the Impact on Monetary Policy

2023-11-23 23:06:00 As of November 24th, there is a growing view that the yen’s depreciation has already passed its peak. In this photo, Bank of Japan Governor Ueda holds a press conference at the IMF and World Bank general meetings held in Marrakech, Morocco in October (2023 Reuters/Susana Vera) [Tokyo, 24th]- There is a growing … Read more

Milley’s victory in Argentina’s presidential election, world leaders’ reactions mixed with sadness and joy | Reuters

2023-11-22 10:33:16 The victory of right-wing libertarian congressman Javier Millay in Argentina’s presidential election on the 19th drew mixed reactions from world leaders. The photo shows Milay greeting supporters after winning the presidential election in Buenos Aires on the 19th (2023 Reuters/Cristina Sille) [21日 ロイター] – The victory of right-wing libertarian congressman Javier Millei in … Read more

What is the operation like to distribute the more than 100 thousand ballot boxes throughout the country?

2023-11-18 22:45:42 This Sunday the ballot will be held that will define the new president of the Nation and that is why, during the previous days, An important operation was mounted to distribute the 104,520 ballot boxes that will be enabled throughout Argentine territory. Total, 35,405,013 citizens will have the possibility of exercising their right … Read more

Sulafa Mimar in “The Traitor”..a disappointing return

2023-11-09 20:43:41 Publication date: 08/11/2023 – 09:00:51 AM Joe 24: Syrian star Sulafa Mimar returns after an absence from the small screen with the series “The Traitor”, in her first experience in the category of Arabized series. The series is the Arabic version taken from the Turkish version, under the same title “The Traitor”, which … Read more