Group of Seven Leaders Meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Agree on New Embargo: Latest News

2023-12-06 22:27:00 G7 leaders held an online meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and reiterated their solidarity. Photographed in Kiev on the 6th (2023 Reuters/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Handout via REUTERS) [東京/ワシントン/ブリュッセル 6日 ロイター] – On the 6th, the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) held an online meeting with President Zelenskiy of Ukraine and … Read more

Ukraine’s Military Leader Secretly Negotiates Peace: Breaking News and Analysis

2023-12-05 11:54:53 Zelenskiy coup? The Pulitzer Prize winner broke the news: The Ukrainian military leader secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army! free timesThere is a division in Ukraine! The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army was revealed to have secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army. The U.S.-Ukrainian strategic differences caused the counterattack to fail. … Read more

Tragic Murder of 15-Year-Old Schoolboy at Irkutsk Bus Stop Sparks Outrage and Investigation

2023-12-03 12:12:00 In Irkutsk, a 15-year-old schoolboy was killed at the Lisikha bus stop. About it reported IrCity publication citing a source in law enforcement agencies. As the publication notes, information about the death of the schoolboy also appeared on the afternoon of December 3 on the page of School No. 9 named after Pushkin, … Read more

Putin’s Decree Amending the Human Rights Council Composition – Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-12-01 16:24:00 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree amending the composition of the Human Rights Council (HRC). Document published on the Kremlin website. Putin expelled from the HRC lawyers Henry Reznik and Shota Gorgadze, Novaya Gazeta columnist Leonid Nikitinsky, head of the public organization “Peacekeeping Mission named after General Lebed” Alexander Mukomolov, economist Yevgeny … Read more

Tesla has started delivering the Cybertruck. Electric pickup costs from 60,990 thousand dollars – Meduza

2023-12-01 07:00:00 Tesla has announced the start of deliveries of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, writes The Financial Times. The cost of the electric vehicle starts at $60,990 thousand, although in 2019, when the Cybertruck was first shown, it was assumed that the pickup would cost about $40 thousand. At a special event to mark … Read more

Palestinian Bus Stop Shooting in Jerusalem – Violent Attack Leaves 3 Dead and 8 Injured

2023-11-30 21:05:54 JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Two Palestinians opened fire near a bus stop during the morning rush hour in Jerusalem, killing at least three people and wounding eight others, Israeli police said. The Islamic organization Hamas has confirmed that the two are members. Israeli police said the gunmen, brothers from East Jerusalem, were shot dead … Read more