National Assembly Elections 2023 in Kuwait: Results and Winners

2023-06-07 05:20:02 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The results of the National Assembly elections in Kuwait 2023 topped the list of the most prominent topics searched for on the Google search engine in the Gulf on Wednesday morning. Below we present to you the names and the number of votes of the winners in … Read more

Kuwait Launches Biometric Fingerprint Program for Citizens and Expats – All You Need to Know

2023-06-04 02:02:58 Kuwait City: Ministry of Interior launched Biometric Fingerprint Program More than 1,00,000 people took their fingernails within a day. . Home Ministry’s dream of biometric fingerprint scheme General Department of Criminal Evidence Director Maj. General Eid Al Owaihan said. He added that it is becoming a reality now. Data for all persons aged … Read more

Arrests made for illegal vote buying in Kuwait National Assembly elections

2023-06-04 02:09:57 KUWAIT CITY: The Ministry of Interior has announced the arrest of two people who bought illegal votes for the services of three candidates in the National Assembly elections. The ministry said the detention was in accordance with the directives of the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense Sheikh … Read more

Joy Alukas Exchange: Inauguration of New Headquarters in Kuwait City on 10th Anniversary Celebration

2023-06-02 18:45:23 Joy Alukas Group Chairman Joy Alukas inaugurated the new head quarters in Kuwait City on the occasion of the 10th anniversary. Abdul Aziz, Assistant General Manager of Joy Alukas Exchange welcomed. Managing Director of the Exchange, Anthony Varghese, stated at the celebration that Joyalukas Exchange is moving forward on the path of growth … Read more

“Expatriate Teachers in Kuwait Facing Job Loss: Ministry of Education’s Naturalization Plan”

2023-05-27 18:46:19 Kuwait City: Expatriate teachers serving in Kuwait will lose their jobs as part of naturalization. The Ministry of Education has instructed the Ministry of Home Affairs to cancel the work permits of 2400 expatriate teachers. 1900 people will lose their jobs as part of the recruitment of natives to replace non-resident teachers. The … Read more

“Kuwait Ministry of Communications Warns Against Suspicious Phone Scams”

2023-05-25 02:40:49 The Ministry of Communication issued a warning against suspicious messages received on the phone in Kuwait. Scams are attempted through text messages and e-mails. Officials have requested not to respond to suspicious messages. The messages stating that the parcels have arrived and asking for payment of a certain amount of fees for their … Read more