Tunisia expects the deficit in the 2022 budget to rise to more than $3 billion

Tunisia’s budget deficit will rise to 9.784 billion Tunisian dinars (about $3.03 billion) in 2022, according to an update to the state’s general budget, the Official Gazette reported on Wednesday. Tunisia had previously expected the deficit in the 2022 budget to reach 8.5 billion dinars ($2.6 billion). Tunisia, which is suffering from a severe financial … Read more

Do you remember the Jordanian Tawafasha?… Learn about her specialty!

Tell me – Fayez Al-Azamat Khabarni – The blind Jordanian student, Bushra Al-Tawafsha, has been accepted as a major in Psychological Counseling at Yarmouk University. Al-Tawafasha’s sister told “Khabarni” that the specialty is suitable for her sister. The student, Al-Tawafsha, who lives in the northeastern Badia, achieved superiority in the Tawjihi with a score of … Read more

Khabarni: Jordanian-Saudi projects coming soon

Khabarni – The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairy, said that the relationship between the Saudi and Jordanian peoples is exemplary, solid and unparalleled, and that it is in its best condition as it has always been. He added in a televised statement that the coming period will … Read more

News site: Saba Mubarak in a summer look

Khabarni – The Jordanian artist, Saba Mubarak, published two pictures of her summer looks in front of the sea, and she appeared in all her elegance. In her last look, Saba Mubarak wore a white short skirt, with black stripes overlapping, and an open-waisted blouse of the same color. The Jordanian artist adopted a light … Read more

Joe 24: Because of a “laughable thing”… Experts criticize iPhone 14: It’s an insult

Technology experts have criticized the American company Apple’s adoption of a screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz in its new phone, “iPhone 14”, saying that it is “laughable”. Apple revealed at its annual party organized at its headquarters in California, on Wednesday, its latest devices, which included the iPhone 14 series of phones, … Read more

Angle: Saudi Arabia is a future city in the desert, “surveillance” concerns in data collection | Reuters

(23rd Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Thousands of workers are now working to build the city of the future in the desert region of northwestern Saudi Arabia. A linear smart city called “The Line” runs through the city center. The concept is carbon-free, flying taxis, holography for teachers, and even a floating artificial moon. Thousands of … Read more