Arthur is back in Reunion after a successful transplant

A call for solidarity had been launched by Arthur’s relatives on the eve of his hasty departure for France last September. The 20-year-old young man, suffering from acute myocarditis, had to undergo emergency surgery at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. An online kitty and a collection of works of art were then organized by the … Read more

Lower estimates for 2023

A research note released by U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs has revealed a drop in its estimates for crude oil prices in 2023 amid concerns about the risks of recession and financial crisis affecting international banks . Goldman Sachs said in its note published on Sunday evening that the price of a barrel of Brent … Read more

Exhibition of dzūke painting in the Seimas

Artist Onutė Skerniškienė. (Organizers’ photo) The “Rebirth” exhibition of paintings by Dzūkija artist Onutė Skerniškienė was opened in the III Seimas Palace a week ago. “I was invited by Seimas member Vytautas Bakas to organize an exhibition of my paintings in the Seimas, when he visited an exhibition of my work held at the Alytus … Read more

the Israeli “Spyder” system in Morocco’s sights

In order to strengthen its ground-to-air defense capabilities, Morocco has quickly gone from being a country without medium or long-range anti-aircraft defense systems to a country combining multi-layer air defense systems of different origins. With Rabat’s rapprochement with Israel, Israeli weapons systems have become a very serious option for the Moroccan army. In fact, a … Read more

PAUL Morocco: Digitalization of the customer experience

“Have everything PAUL delivered directly from PAUL! “, this is how the launch of PAUL Maroc’s mobile application was announced, thus making the house established for nearly 25 years in the kingdom, the first bakery, pastry, pastry & catering brand to be launched. its 100% Moroccan mobile application, equipped with the latest technology which highlights … Read more

Burundi Eco A university teacher turned stylist

Burundi faces a problem of increased youth unemployment. In this logic of things, some young people manage to show off their talents and bring innovations. This is the case of Zabulon Bucumi, a young university teacher who, alongside his job, has set up his own sewing workshop. The Burundi Eco newspaper handed the microphone to … Read more