Foiled Coup Attempt in Burkina Faso: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-09-27 21:31:27 The Burkinabè transitional government announced this Wednesday evening in a press release that a coup attempt was foiled yesterday. Several people involved in this attempt have been arrested and others are actively sought, according to the government spokesperson. Published on: 09/27/2023 – 11:31 p.m. Modified on: 09/28/2023 – 00:58 4 mn Under the … Read more

Political Upheaval in Mali: Presidential Election Postponed Indefinitely – Analysis by Sahel Analyst

2023-09-27 20:36:37 Return to home / Broadcasts / Journal de l’Afrique Published on: 09/27/2023 – 22:36 14:02 Several Malian political groups were outraged by the junta’s decision to postpone the presidential election indefinitely, supposed to bring civilians back to power. The authorities announced on Monday a new postponement, “slight” according to them, of the presidential … Read more

the French ambassador Sylvain Itté left the country

2023-09-27 08:22:58 In accordance with Emmanuel Macron’s announcement on Sunday evening, the French ambassador to Niger left the country on Wednesday morning, thus acceding to the demands of the military junta in power since the July 26 coup. Published on : 27/09/2023 – 10:22 1 mn The French ambassador to Niger left the country by … Read more

Breaking News: DR Congo Political Scandal – President Tshisekedi’s Alleged Agreement with Kabila

2023-09-26 20:32:22 Return to home / Broadcasts / Journal de l’Afrique Published on: 09/26/2023 – 22:32 12:38 DR Congo, the presidential camp rejects Corneille Nangaa’s accusations © france24 In DR Congo, new political scandal three months before the general elections. The former president of the electoral commission at the time of the 2018 presidential election … Read more

Special broadcast with Youssou Ndour and his musical tale “Birima”, dedicated to the Damel du Cayor

2023-09-26 15:59:42 Back to Home / Broadcasts / Africa Weekly Published on : 26/09/2023 – 17:59 12:15 Youssou Ndour, guest of Afrique Hebdo © France 24 Nearly 30 years after the release of his hit “Birima”, mbalax legend Youssou Ndour makes it the subject of his very first musical tale. Combining song, theater and dance, … Read more

In Burkina Faso, the ruling junta suspends the French magazine Jeune Afrique

2023-09-25 20:04:24 Burkina Faso announced, Monday evening, the suspension of “all broadcast media” of the media Jeune Afrique, which has a paper newspaper and a website, after the publication of articles evoking tensions within the Burkinabè army. . Published on : 25/09/2023 – 22:04 3 mn New attack on press freedom in Burkina Faso. The … Read more