Woman who killed the abuser of her three children breaks the silence: “I did what any mother would do” | International

After spending four years in prison, the British woman who killed her children’s abuser – a 77-year-old neighbor – broke her silence in an interview with the BBC. Despite repenting of the crime, she maintained: “I did what any mother would do.” the woman of United Kingdom who killed the abuser of her three children, … Read more

Artificial intelligence and its application in aesthetic medicine, everything you need to know

Fact has been stranger than fiction once again. Terms like artificial intelligence and metaverso They tend to be commonly related to virtual applications, finance, or education. However, the design and construction of algorithms Artificial Intelligence (AI) it has also crossed the limits of aesthetics. In our quest to maintain hydrated, soft and youthful skin, we … Read more

Psychologist answers • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A content creator and psychologist on TikTok called Al-Anoud Al-Hamid revealed signs that if a woman appears in her dealings with a man, she truly loves him. And Al-Hamid said in a clip she shared, via the application, “I received a private question, when do you know that a woman truly loves you?” … Read more

7 tips to start taking care of yourself and your mental health

The World Health Organization defines health as physical, mental and social well-being and not only as the absence of disease. Specifically, mental health is related to our way of livingto feed ourselves and take care of ourselves, with our home, our work, with the way in which we experience our relationships and affections. [@patri_psicologa: “No … Read more

Woman sues her partner’s daughters for inheritance: they were not married and the Supreme Court agreed with her | National

The man got lost in December 2015 in Lake Laja, in the province of Bío Bío. Legally, his presumed death was established one day after his disappearance was reported. From that date, a true family struggle began over the fate of his estate. The Supreme Court reaffirmed the existence of community of property acquired during … Read more

How are you prepared? when entering the golden age

30th anniversary “Golden Age Clinic Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society” organized a seminar on “A new corner of the golden age.. Perspectives of important threats” Observe yourself.. Have you entered the golden age yet? with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Annop Jaisamran, a specialist in caring for women over 30 years old, a physician at Chulalongkorn … Read more