two people died in France after falling trees, including a 19-year-old

In France, two men died on Friday in the Vosges and Alsace after falling trees, the consequences of the “violent winds” caused by the Mathis storm for which 23 departments were still classified in yellow vigilance overnight. In the middle of the day, a 19-year-old man was walking in a rest area near his vehicle … Read more

“At Just 19 Years Old, The Victim Possessed an Incredibly Kind Heart”

A 19-year-old man from Nazareth was involved in a head-on collision with a passenger car while driving on the Grote Steenweg in Olsene, a municipality of Zulte, around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The man, identified as MDV, was critically injured and taken to Gent hospital where he later passed away. The news of his death … Read more

In the video.. Poet Fahd Al-Shahrani: I am one of the great sellers of poems and dean of youth poets, and I am not afraid that my fans will decrease because I am a strong poet!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The poet Fahd Al-Shahrani revealed the reason for naming him the “Dean of Young Poets”, indicating that he is one of the great sellers of poems, and the most expensive poem he sold was 150,000 riyals. Al-Shahrani said, during an interview with the “Sawalves Ramadan” program broadcast on Al-Khaleejia TV: I did not … Read more

If you apologize, we will stop bothering you.

The disturbing footage was recorded in a busy shopping street in Bruges and features two young boys, one of whom threatens the other with a knife at his throat while a third person films. The police have launched an investigation and are working to identify all involved parties. Lien Depoorter, spokesperson for the Bruges police, … Read more

The first reaction from the youth administration towards Al-Mawlid after he was suspended for doping

Al-Marsad Sports: Press sources revealed today, Sunday, a surprise about the decisions of the youth club management headed by Khaled Al-Baltan, with the player Fahd Al-Mawlid, after the decision of the Anti-Doping Committee. The sources indicated, according to “Okaz”, that Al-Muwallad will undergo a rehabilitation program in a European country during the coming period, provided … Read more

“The noise made by the young man and his friends was irritating the individual in their thirties.”

The Leuven prosecutor’s office stated on Monday that an investigating judge had put a man under electronic surveillance. The incident occurred at the intersection of Naamsestraat and Sint-Beggaberg where an 18-year-old was threatened by a man in his 30s who was holding a knife. The man demanded that the victim leave as his girlfriend couldn’t … Read more