Issue 22168: Arrangement 5 Lottery Results_Trend Chart_Prediction Rule + (Arrangement of Five High-Definition Strips)_Combination_Main Attack_Man Qiankun

Original title: Issue 22168: Rank 5 Lottery Results_Trend Chart_Prediction Rule + (Arrange 5 HD Strips) No. 2168 This issue predicts the main attack range You … Read more

A diplomatic source reveals the date of Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia. A statement is expected from the Royal Court and the White House tomorrow, Monday

Al-Marsad newspaper – “DPA”: A Western diplomatic source in Riyadh expected that US President Joe Biden would start his visit to the Kingdom in the … Read more

A statement from the Ministry of Health regarding monkeypox, which is spreading globally.. and travelers directed outside the Kingdom in this matter

Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The Ministry of Health has confirmed that, so far, thankfully, no case of monkeypox has been detected in the Kingdom, which … Read more

A security statement regarding the arrest of two citizens who hunted 8 creatures from the lint… and the disclosure of the value of the fine imposed on them • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The Special Forces for Security and Protection seized (4) citizens violating the environmental system by fishing without a license in the … Read more

Smoldering Tajik region smolders with protests – Mir – Kommersant

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan today issued a special statement in which it acknowledged the fact of the aggravation of the situation in … Read more