The moment he pronounces the two testimonies • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Romanian Burqa Danilo, the coach of the 15-year-old Baraem category at Uhud Sports Club, pronounced the two certificates of monotheism, according to a video clip circulating. The video showed Danilo repeating the two testimonies of faith inside the club’s media center hall. Danilo commented, on his joining Islam, and the congratulatory messages … Read more

The goddess Athena Chu disappeared for nearly a year…The real situation of the 51-year-old was captured abroad and “turned into a fleshy face” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Zhu Yin married Huang Guanzhong in 2012 and gave birth to a daughter. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Hong Kong actress Athena Chu debuted for 30 years. She was well-known for her role as Huang Rong in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. Later, she played “Zixia Fairy” in “A Chinese Journey to the West”. … Read more

Why is Germany losing its appeal for foreign workers? | International

Germany tries to convince more foreign workers to join its labor market. New studies suggest that the country is losing its appeal in international comparisons. Germany is less and less attractive for the best foreign talent, according to a new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the OECDwhich will surely worry the government of Olaf … Read more

He tore them to pieces! Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino threw everything at Diego Lainez and Santiago Muñoz (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Gerard Martino opined on Diego Laínez y Santiago Muñozpromises that went to european football and recently returned to Mexico. He former Tricolor coachcompared them with Edson Alvarez y Cesar Montesconsolidated and sustainable players, from their point of view: “You have to understand why. Diego Laínez come back with 22 years. Santiago Muñoz con 20 years. … Read more

No one dares to immigrate unconditionally Expert: Taiwan’s money can’t last for a few years-Life-China Times News

No one dares to immigrate unconditionally, experts: Taiwan’s money will not last for a few years Unconditional immigration, do you dare to go? Some people ask on the Internet, if you can immigrate abroad unconditionally, will you stay in Taiwan? This question has aroused heated discussions among everyone. Although everyone’s answer is very consistent, they … Read more

You can’t run away from the country – Newspaper Kommersant No. 10 (7455) of 01/20/2023

At the end of 2022, the share of foreign companies that completely left the Russian market was about 8.5% of the 1.4 thousand relatively large enterprises from the G7 countries and the EU operating in Russia as of April 2022. This is the main conclusion of the published work of economists from the Swiss Institute … Read more