boarding home can value 1400 euros monthly

How a lot does the senior and his “breadwinners” pay? “If an grownup is positioned in a social middle, he should pay for the service 85% of the pension paid to him (together with further funds to it) or different funds. After cost for the talked about service, at the very least 15% of the … Read more

Riga first-graders are preventing for a spot in faculties. 180 youngsters per 100 locations

The wrestle for admission to some Riga faculties might be in comparison with college competitions, in which you’ll be able to lose the chance to check in the preferred applications. The same state of affairs is typical for Mezciems Major College. This 12 months, nearly 180 youngsters utilized there for first grade, however there are … Read more

Riga takes away components of the highway from motorists to please cyclists

The place are you able to go by bike? * In Agenskalns and within the Balasta dambis part on Kipsala from Kr. Valdemara to st. Daugavgrivas, making a connection between the Cable-stayed Bridge and Victory Park. * A bicycle lane may also seem in Mezciems on Gaiļezera Road in each instructions – there, as on … Read more

In order to save money, benefits for the poor were sharply reduced in Rezekne

Two benefits have been temporarily excluded from the list of benefits of the Rezekne municipality – care for a newborn and guardianship. The local government draws attention to the fact that recipients of these benefits have the right to benefits and allowances established by the state, the payment of which is ensured by the State … Read more

People in Jelgava cannot understand how the Jelgava clinic fell into private hands

It was previously reported that a year and a half ago, deputies of the Jelgava Regional Duma suddenly discovered that the former Jelgava regional hospital had long been transferred to a private enterprise, and the local government was also paying extra for this. When deciding on an annual payment of 85,000 euros, deputies for the … Read more

An official’s flight over the Riga City Council

Let us remind you that Elite Baklane-Ansberg won the competition for the position of deputy executive director of Riga several months ago. It was planned that the deputy director would head the central administration of Riga, that is, he would be responsible for all the capital’s clerks, thereby relieving the executive director of Riga, who … Read more

The Ministry of Education has approved the reorganization or closure of 31 educational institutions

12 educational institutions or the educational levels they provide were merged with another institution. At the same time, the level of education in six educational institutions changed. Two educational institutions – Jurmala Jaundubulti Primary School and Jurmala Pumpurs Secondary School – will be reorganized through a merger, with the creation of a new educational institution … Read more

The undesirable head of the Riga department will be fired through the courts

According to the local government, the fact that Vaivods is recognized as a suspect in a criminal trial does not allow the local government to continue labor relations with him and is an important reason for going to court with a demand to terminate them. The fact that Vaivodas is suspected of bribery is incompatible … Read more