A Russian court docket has frozen the belongings of three European banks

In keeping with the Monetary Instances, the belongings of the German Deutsche Financial institution (greater than 238 million euros) and Commerzbank (virtually 94 million euros), in addition to the Italian UniCredit (greater than 462 million euros). The newspaper remembers that claims in opposition to credit score establishments have been filed by the Ruskhimalliance firm again … Read more

“I couldn’t remember all these forks” (VIDEO)

The company Centrum Moscow (“Centrum”), in which a 30% stake belongs to Elizaveta Peskova, the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, earned a record 497 million rubles in 2023. This is 3.6 times more than in 2022. What is known about the company “Centrum” of Elizaveta Peskova “Centrum” is engaged in the organization … Read more

“Latvijas Gāze” still pays dividends to Russian companies?! What will the court say?

Kveps is suing the company because he believes the dividends were paid out of compliance with “public order and morals,” which is considered a violation of EU sanctions. Kveps is convinced that Itera Latvija, which has not disclosed its true ownership structure for a long time, does not have the right to participate in shareholder … Read more

Scientists have assessed the danger of ground subsidence under Chinese cities

Scientists analyzed satellite images of 82 Chinese cities with a total population of almost 700 million people. 45 percent of the urban areas examined are in the subsidence zone. Researchers estimate that by 2120 the area of ​​cities below sea level will triple. This will affect 55-128 million residents, jeopardize infrastructure and buildings, and increase … Read more

Great Britain allocated $187 million for Ukrainian energy

London will allocate an additional 150 million pounds ($187 million) to strengthen Ukraine’s energy sector, which was damaged by the strikes. This is stated in a statement by the British Permanent Representative to the OSCE, Neil Holland, published on the government website. According to him, together with G7 partners, the British authorities will continue to … Read more

It has been announced which Riga streets will have their asphalt replaced this summer

In total, road restoration is planned in 19 places, and the total cost of the projects is estimated at approximately 10.3 million euros. To implement the planned work, the municipality plans to borrow 8.7 million euros from the State Treasury. Restoration of the road surface is planned on Karl Milenbach Street from Lastadijas Street to … Read more

The amount that will be invested in road repairs this year has been announced

The most large-scale work will take place on regional highways with a length of 220 kilometers and republican local roads with a length of 159 kilometers. Work on the country’s main highways will affect 71 kilometers. The emphasis on national roads of local and regional importance can be explained by the funding structure – this … Read more

The Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that they shot down one of the most expensive drones of the Russian Armed Forces

The Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian attack and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “Forpost”, the South air command reported on Facebook on Monday, April 1. The drone was shot down in the Black Sea by the Odessa anti-aircraft missile brigade. Speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilya Yevlash indicated … Read more