The survey confirmed that Russian youngsters converse Latvian solely at college

The survey information had been made public at a discussion board at which representatives of the Riga municipality, the Ministry of Training and Science, and faculties mentioned how issues had been going with the transition to educating within the Latvian language. As you already know, ranging from this faculty 12 months, college students in grades … Read more

85% of the Latvian inhabitants doesn’t take excellent care of their well being

Each fourth resident of Latvia doesn’t maintain their well being every day, and greater than half, or 56%, pay some consideration to it, however do it solely sometimes, in line with the most recent Well being Index research performed by Mana aptieka & Apotheka. Amongst those that least care about their well being or don’t … Read more

in Latvia they wish to ban even what’s permitted by legislation

Furthermore, opposite to the unshakable precept of the rule of legislation, they’re making an attempt to ban – by brutal strain and interference – even what just isn’t prohibited. By proper… lawlessness For a number of days now, there was actual hysteria within the public house in reference to the intention of Latvian TV on … Read more

Families in Riga live worse than in Tallinn and Vilnius

Incomes in all three Baltic capitals have increased over the past three years – since 2021, the average salary in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn has increased significantly, but the growth has not been uniform. In terms of after-tax income, assuming a family with two children and both parents earning an average salary, the most significant … Read more

Residents of Latvia told what they will do in the summer

Traveling abroad is more popular among young people, while older residents often prefer to spend the summer outside the city, at their summer cottage, or just at home. The majority of residents plan to spend from 400 to 1,500 euros on a summer vacation, the survey showed. Every third resident of Latvia is planning a … Read more

Almost 40% of Latvians gave money to support Ukraine or war refugees

In the latest survey, 38.7% of respondents indicated that they made donations to support Ukraine or war refugees, while in April last year this answer was given by 41.9%, and in 2022 – 39.2% of survey participants. Donations were made by 52.4% of survey participants of Latvian nationality, and 19.1% of survey participants of other … Read more

state agency calls on Latvians to complain about pharmacists

Not enough data – A survey of Latvian residents conducted in December last year showed that over the past 20 years, a total of 22% of respondents had experienced side effects from medications, and 72% of respondents who experienced side effects indicated that they reported side effects to a doctor or pharmacist , a nurse, … Read more

Because of the war in Ukraine, residents of Latvia are sleeping poorly

Three out of four Latvians, or 75%, have experienced various sleep disturbances, such as insomnia, waking up at night, feeling unwell or having bad dreams, over the past month, according to a survey conducted by research company Kantar. Half or 49% of the population experience sleep disturbances one or more times a week, or even … Read more