Minister’s Ambitious Plan to Reduce Smoking in Belgium: Key Measures and Stronger Controls

2023-10-24 18:03:16 The minister unveiled his action plan to drastically reduce the number of smokers in Belgium, and prevent young people from starting to smoke. A plan that he considers “ambitious but essential”. Frank Vandenbroucke is already warning: controls will be strengthened and the sanctions very severe! – Photonews By Laurence Piret Journalist in the … Read more

Millions in Cash Hidden: Hsinchu County Scandal Exposed – Latest Updates and Investigation

2023-09-08 23:20:55 Tens of millions of dollars in cash were hidden around the house, and four people including the Hsinchu County Public Works Director and the manufacturer were taken into custody. (China Times Database) Hsinchu County Government Public Works Department Director Jiang Liangyuan and a civil servant surnamed Huang were suspected of violating the “Corruption … Read more


2023-09-02 23:13:07 #Product Trends An ultra-sensitive and precise hot-wire instrument for measuring airflow, designed for maximum ergonomics. – Very high resolution and precision – Telescopic probe up to 82 cm – Backlit LCD screen – Fixing magnets on the back BRUSSELS, B – Sauermann is expanding its range of measuring instruments for professionals in the … Read more

“Education Bureau Responds to Kaohsiung Elementary School Camping Punishment Kneeling Case; Replaces Principal during Late Night Hours” – China Times News, Society Section.

An elementary school in Kaohsiung’s Sanmin District faced backlash after students were punished by a factory counselor who made them kneel down during a camping event. The principal has since apologized and requested punishment. The Gao City Education Bureau has announced that the principal will be replaced, and a school inspector will be appointed as … Read more

Fur coat manufacturers in Russia have reduced the range due to a shortage of imported fur

Due to sanctions and the mass extermination of mink in Denmark, fur manufacturers in Russia faced a shortage of raw materials, rising prices for it, and subsequently with a reduction in the range. It is reported by RBC with reference to Russian companies producing clothes from natural fur. The chairman of the board of directors … Read more