Ukraine needs Western weapons for survival

Ukraine does not receive from Western partners the weapons necessary for its survival, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Tuesday, April 9, in Kharkov, where he gave an interview to the German tabloid Bild, as well as other publications of the Axel Springer concern. According to Zelensky, “our partners have certain weapons that we need … Read more

The bridge collapse in the United States was seen as a threat to the global automobile market

The collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge will deal another blow to the U.S. auto industry, which is still recovering from the pandemic. Ford Motor CFO John Lawler saw a threat to the automobile market, his words leads Bloomberg. An accident on a bridge leading to the major port of Baltimore will disrupt the … Read more

Kim Jong-un sent Putin 7,000 containers of shells (VIDEO)

The NDR was able to provide the Russian army with an advantage in shells in battles with Ukraine. Seoul suggested that in response to this, Pyongyang received essential supplies, including fuel. Since last year, North Korea has sent about 7,000 containers of ammunition and other military equipment to Russia to help Moscow in its war … Read more

Dema: Smooth Material Collection Process at 2023 Changde Liuye Lake Marathon

2023-11-11 09:06:00 Original title: Directly watching the on-site “Dema” material collection players commented that “the process was very smooth!” From November 10th to 11th, the Hunan Bank 2023 Changde Liuye Lake Marathon runners’ registration and collection of competition materials were carried out at the Liuye Lake Tourist Distribution Center Square, which means that the “Dema” … Read more


2023-09-02 23:13:07 #Product Trends An ultra-sensitive and precise hot-wire instrument for measuring airflow, designed for maximum ergonomics. – Very high resolution and precision – Telescopic probe up to 82 cm – Backlit LCD screen – Fixing magnets on the back BRUSSELS, B – Sauermann is expanding its range of measuring instruments for professionals in the … Read more

Unveiling the Truth: The Current Situation in Zhuozhou, Hebei, China Amidst Devastating Flooding

2023-08-07 00:16:50 The current situation in Zhuozhou, Hebei, China. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Due to the impact of Typhoon Dusurui, China’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is currently experiencing record-breaking torrential rain, and Zhuozhou, Hebei has even become the hardest hit area for floods. However, it is currently reported that Zheng Shuo, the director-general of the Southern … Read more

Urgent Call: Unlocking the Entry of Imported Medical Supplies – Health Chambers Seek Government Meeting

2023-07-19 22:30:41 The health chambers ask to meet with the Government to unlock the entry of material. Medical care in the country became a headache for patients. Between the difficulties to get turns and the increases in prepaid, now a new problem has been added: the lack of imported inputs that paralyzes surgeries and transplants. … Read more

Russia-Ukraine Grain Deal: Obligations, Missile Supply, and NATO Membership

2023-07-13 17:22:14 The grain deal will be extended only after the fulfillment of all obligations to Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin. The agreement expires July 17th. “We will extend. Exactly at the moment when the promises given to us will be fulfilled,” the head of state said. … Read more