Dr.. Badie received the delegation of Top Team Academy club champions in Sidon, headed by Afara, and congratulated them on their international achievements in the presence of the deacon.

2023-11-30 12:52:53 The Mayor of Sidon, Dr. Hazem Khader Badie, and in the presence of the Chairman of the Sports Committee of the Municipal Council and the Head of the Sports Network in Sidon and the Neighborhood, Hajj Hassan Al-Shamas, received a delegation from the champions of the Top Team Academy Club, headed by the … Read more

Understanding Municipal Trash Can Regulations: What You Need to Know to Avoid Fines

2023-11-29 16:34:35 It’s an everyday gesture that everyone is used to, throwing something into a public trash can in the street. Jean-Louis, a resident of the north of Brussels, was walking in the town of Evere when he made this gesture which we no longer even think about because it is so innocuous. of videos … Read more

Tragic Motorcycle Accident at Oostlaan Bus Stop: Buddy Deceuninck’s Story and Call for Safety Measures

2023-10-25 16:55:00 Buddy Deceuninck, a 56-year-old Belgian, suffered a terrible tragedy at the Oostlaan bus stop last Thursday. He had a dramatic fall on a motorcycle and did not survive. “Buddy had to sleep in Rouler, but he still wanted to see me so he decided to drive to Berlare,” says his wife Ann Nuytten … Read more

Tesla Electric Car Breakdown in Extreme Weather: Shocking Repair Cost and Warranty Controversy

2023-10-17 14:00:00 Johnny Bacigalupo and Rob Hussey claim their £60,000 electric car stopped working during extreme weather last week in Scotland. For the repairs, the couple must now pay £17,374, or almost 20,000 euros! The couple, from Edinburgh, Scotland, went out to dinner last Saturday and arrived at their destination without issue. However, when they … Read more

Exposed: The Notorious Lithuanian Restaurant Scammer Who Fakes Heart Attacks to Avoid Paying Bills

2023-10-05 17:40:00 He’s probably the least honest customer in the world. Shamelessly, this 50-year-old Lithuanian faked heart attacks several times in 20 restaurants in Spain. The objective of this maneuver? Avoid putting your hand in your wallet when paying the bill. > Discover our video series on robbed restaurateurs It was on the Costa Blanca, … Read more

Ghanaian Man’s Deceptive Scheme to Obtain Belgian Driver’s License Exposed

2023-09-14 09:52:38 Serge, a Ghanaian from Grammont, had to pass his driving test to be able to work. Indeed, this precious document that he obtained in Africa is not valid in Belgium. of videos Also, he attempted the theoretical exam twelve times in Flanders, without success, reports the DH. Faced with these multiple failures, he … Read more