Mother’s Day in Colombia, United States, Peru and Latin America: Ideas and Phrases to Celebrate Mom’s Special Day

2023-05-14 15:47:26 This Sunday May 14th is celebrated the Mother’s Day in Colombia, United States, Peru and other Latin American countries; an opportunity to give them more love, appreciation and joy during their day. This date is not only dedicated to the one who gave you life, but also to your grandmother, aunt, friend, wife … Read more

Toro punctures Arturo Macías’ lung; matador reported serious

2023-05-02 04:37:36 The bullfighter Arturo Macías did not have the best performance in his participation in the San Marcos Fair in Aguascalientes, since he suffered a goring in the bullfight on April 30. Macías had already dodged “Cayito’s” horn on several occasions, however, one ended up inside the lung. The action caused it to fall … Read more

“International Workers’ Day: Celebrating the Labor Movement and Honoring Workers Worldwide”

2023-04-30 05:08:41 He International Workers’ Day is celebrated every may 1 and this date is intended to remember and honor the world labor movement. Historically, it is a day in which different demands of a social and labor nature have been carried out in favor of the working classes. WORKER’S DAY: PHRASES TO CONGRATULATE AND … Read more

“Sports Observatory: Aaron Salem Speaks Out Against Racism in Football”

2023-04-28 12:36:53 Sports Observatory: Al-Shabab player Aaron Salem came out to comment on missing the penalty kick against Al-Ittihad in a strange way, which made him vulnerable to attack and criticism from the fans. And Salem said in a tweet to him on his Twitter account: “I made a mistake, I know that and I … Read more Fraudsters are sending SMS allegedly from the portal don’t get caught!

2023-04-26 19:27:00 Several reports have been received about fraudulent SMS on behalf of the supposedly portal, in which recipients are urged to pay an administrative penalty, reports The link provided in the SMS leads to a fake site designed to obtain banking access data. The rest is clear: if the SMS recipient follows … Read more

“Artificial Mini Bladder Tumors: The Future of Personalized Cancer Treatment”

2023-04-25 18:15:00 From Bern laboratories | 25. April 2023 A Bern research team has grown artificial mini bladder tumors in the laboratory. Drugs can be specifically tested on these. According to the researchers, this could play an important role in the development of personalized therapies. Researchers at Inselspital, among others, have grown mini-tumors.Photo: Keystone, Christian … Read more