ChatGPT has paused a voice that appears like Scarlett Johansson

OpenAI introduced in a publish on X that “they’re working to droop Sky.” Skye is the voice that within the new ChatGPT is paying homage to Scarlett Johansson within the film Her, the place a person falls in love along with his digital assistant. “We consider that AI voices shouldn’t deliberately imitate a particular movie … Read more

Shocking discovery hints at the potential of warp drive

“This analysis modifications the understanding of warp drives,” says physicist Jared Fuchs of Utilized Physics, who acquired his doctorate from the College of Alabama in Huntsville. “By demonstrating a first-of-its-kind mannequin, we have proven that warp drives do not should be the stuff of science fiction.” When Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed his warp … Read more

The anthem of the 2024 European Championship Lena Schmitz has become known. Not everyone appreciated (+VIDEO)

“Fire” is the name of the official anthem of the European Football Championship, which will be held in Germany this summer. The release of the Euro 2024 composition took place on the night of Friday, May 10, as reported by the dpa news agency. The performers of this summer’s main football hit are the Italian … Read more

It has become known what the new passenger terminal in the port of Riga will look like

Zaha Hadid Architects received the highest jury rating in the design competition, taking first place. The Estonian company R-Konsult took second place in the competition, and the American architectural bureau Berenblum Busch Architects took third place. From almost 60 applicants who accepted the tender documentation, ten applications for participation in the tender were received within … Read more

Russia stopped using the word “peace” in the May Day slogan

In Russia, during official events dedicated to the celebration of May 1, they almost stopped using the word “peace,” which for decades was part of the most famous May Day slogan – “Peace. Labor. May.” On this converted attention of several media and telegram channels, including Sota, “That’s it!” and “We can explain.” It is … Read more

A missile strike on Odessa killed five; the author of the Russian language law was wounded

The head of the Odessa regional administration, Sergei Kiper, said that the strike was carried out by a ballistic missile “on one of the most popular locations among Odessa residents and guests of the city, where people walked with children, dogs, and played sports.” According to Keeper, 25 wounded are in hospitals, including two children … Read more

The Constitutional Court decides in what language to communicate with Russian children

Let us remind you that the hearings on the complete translation of private schools and kindergartens into Latvian recently ended – the verdict is expected in mid-May. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court began considering – this time in writing – the reform of another part of the same language reform, according to which all state (municipal) … Read more