“Floyd Mayweather’s Fleet of Luxury Cars: A Detailed Look at His 17 Exotic Rides”

2023-05-23 20:54:17 Exclusive translation: The famous American boxer Floyd Mayweather showed off his fleet of 17 luxury cars. The retired boxer was keen to explain the details of each car and its features, whether from high manufacturing materials, leather seats, and so on. And he went to one of the cars and said that it … Read more

“Alexander Otaola Advises The Goddess to Stop Playing Victim and Look Forward”

2023-05-23 13:38:24 Electric influencer Alexander Otaola advised the Cuban singer The goddess stop being a victim, and he recommended that she and other people who in her opinion live anchored in the past, always look forward. “The Goddess swaddled with Yotuel… The Goddess is bent on clinging to popularity. She doesn’t want her Watsco to … Read more

“Crisis at Kosmos: The Million-Dollar Offer Accepted by Clara Chia Marti to Help Gerard Piqué”

2023-05-23 07:35:00 In recent days, much has been said about the possible crisis economics facing the company Kosmos leadered by Gerard Piqué and, it is that it has been said that the businessman has closed some of his subsidiaries due to lack of resources; however, Clara Chia Marti would have accepted a million dollar offer … Read more

“Emirati Celebrity’s Extravagant Restaurant Bill Goes Viral: A Shocking Look at the UAE High Life”

2023-05-21 16:28:59 Al-Marsad Newspaper: An Emirati celebrity documented the value of the bill he ate some food with his friends in a restaurant, which amounted to 46 thousand dirhams. And the well-known Emirati video showed him asking his friend to finish his drink, saying to him: “By God, you do not look except when you … Read more

“Why Being Poor and Happy is Better Than Being Rich: Insights from Snapchat Celebrity Ghazi Al-Dhiabi”

2023-05-20 22:55:04 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Ghazi Al-Dhiabi responded to a question about what he prefers to be rich, miserable, or poor and happy. And he explained during a video clip, which was documented inside a yacht on a tourist trip outside the Kingdom, that he prefers to be poor and happy. He said: “There … Read more

“Actress Mayar El-Beblawy’s Sudden Health Scare: Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-19 14:20:38 The Egyptian actress, Mayar El-Beblawy, was transferred to the intensive care unit in a hospital, after she suddenly fainted after getting out of her car, heading to the studio in which she was presenting her weekly episode of the “Sweetest Talk” program on “Al-Shams” channel. Mayar El-Beblawi’s son revealed the latest developments in … Read more