Husband, aged 50, assaults wife in Seraing over malfunctioning family computer.

A 50-year-old man of Turkish descent was brought to the attention of the magistrate at the Liège public prosecutor’s office on Sunday regarding a domestic violence incident. The incident occurred at the man’s home in Seraing, where he became angry upon discovering that his computer was broken after returning from a funeral in Turkey. He … Read more

A girl who has stopped growing since she was 9 years old reveals a true love story more than fiction. The groom was a childhood friend.

The story of a woman who was a victim of an earthquake. Causing to stop being high since she was only 9 years old, recently married with a young man who took good care of her and also discovered that he had been her childhood friend as well According to reports, on March 18, 2023, … Read more

The newlyweds received the certificate in the early morning and received a limited edition wedding book: the Chinese style design ceremony is full of sense–fast technology–technology changes the future

Every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day, and May 20, many new couples get together to register for marriage, in order to leave a memorable day for themselves. Today is February 14th, and of course there are newcomers queuing up to get their certificates. In order to present a more meaningful commemoration … Read more

Getting Married Can Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

New research shows that marriage is good for blood sugar control. Photo: Alamy/PA. Previous studies have found happy marriages offer more health benefits than being single, including living longer, fewer heart attacks, less depression and eating healthier. Now, a new study that has looked specifically at blood sugar in older adults, has found that being … Read more

Viral confides in women who are upset because their prospective husband’s salary is 3 times lower

Malaysia – One of the important elements for couples who want to go down the aisle is mutual commitment and confidence in the candidate of choice. But this woman suddenly hesitated when she wanted to marry her partner even though they had been together for a long time. He expressed his frustration through an anonymous … Read more

Perspective on love “Aum Patchrapa”, a fictional story, probably beyond reach, “Mor Chang” greeted me this year

Stay up to date with news >> Komchadluek online Go back and read “Aum Patchrapa” to the point of view of love, marriage, probably beyond our reach. Today you have the opportunity to choose Let’s choose someone we understand. And he understands us the most. On the side of “Mr. Chang”, greet this year 2023, … Read more