Fatal Stabbing of 19-Year-Old in Namur: Latest Updates and Details

2023-09-20 04:37:00 During the night from Friday to Saturday, Akramat, a 19-year-old from Namur, received a fatal stab wound during a brawl. The young boy, of Chechen origin, died during his journey in an ambulance. ******** ***** ****** ** ****** ** *** ******* ******** ** ** ******** ******* ** ********* ********* ***** *********** *** ** … Read more

Tragic Night in Binche: Brother Stabbed to Death by Sibling – Full Details and Prison Phone Call Revealed

2023-09-13 16:00:00 During the night of August 12 to 13, Logan (31 years old) committed the irreparable in Binche by stabbing him which cost the life of his older brother Kévin (34 years old), from Quaregnon. The drama played out in the author’s apartment, during an argument over a trivial reason. The two brothers nevertheless … Read more

Grande Place Assault: Afghan Origin Youth Altercation Leads to Stabbing – Full Investigation Underway

2023-08-26 07:10:15 The assault occurred after an altercation between several young people of Afghan origin in a side street of the Grande Place, where the big annual fair was taking place. According to the Belang van Limburg, a young man was stabbed in the side and collapsed. “My companion immediately called the emergency services,” says … Read more

Sanglante bagarre à Saint-Josse: Attempted Murder Leaves Victim Severely Injured

2023-08-10 14:49:50 Police and paramedics were brought in this Wednesday evening, shortly after 9:30 p.m., in rue Verbist, in Saint-Josse, following a bloody fight. “The victim was stabbed in the leg, she lost a lot of blood,” an informed source tells us. A perimeter of judicial exclusion has been put in place, the time to … Read more

Shocking Attempted Feminicide: Woman Stabbed Multiple Times in Antoing – Latest Update on Critical Condition and Legal Proceedings

2023-08-04 16:25:07 The victim is in critical condition according to our information. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital. She was allegedly stabbed five times. “We didn’t hear anything in particular”, testifies a neighbor, “we only saw the police arrive around 4.30 pm”. The shock is perceptible in this small street in the center … Read more

Execution of Death Penalty in Riyadh: Ministry of Interior Statement

2023-06-22 12:12:27 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement regarding the execution of the death penalty for one of the offenders in the Riyadh region, as follows: God Almighty said: (The recompense of those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land is only … Read more