“Salman Rushdie Reappears in Public after Life-Threatening Attack: Exclusive Coverage”

2023-05-19 05:53:19 He had remained discreet since his attack. For the first time since a knife attack in the United States in August which almost cost him his life, the British writer Salman Rushdie reappeared, Thursday, May 18, in public in New York during a gala of an organization for the defense of writers. The … Read more

“Tired of Dealing with Argentines in Mexican Football: Paco Ramírez’s Controversial Statement and Aggression towards Norberto Scoponi”

2023-05-15 06:10:28 In case he needed more fuel on the fire after physically attacking Norberto Scoponi with a slap after the semifinal match against Atlético Morelia, Celaya’s coach, Paco Ramírez, said publicly that he is “tired of dealing with Argentines” in our countryclaiming that they appear untouchable or with privileges compared to those born in … Read more

“Brutal Train Assault: Eyewitness Account and Analysis”

2023-05-14 16:10:04 This Wednesday, May 10, around 8 a.m., Dylan gets on the train connecting Soignies to Brussels. A journey he undertakes, as usual, listening to his music through his headphones. But this time, his trip will be embellished with a scene of great violence. ** ***** *********** *** *** ** ****** ** *************** ** … Read more

“Club de boxe de Montigny-le-Tilleul: Reunion with Police and Moms After Aggression on Minor”

2023-05-06 08:00:00 A meeting took place this Thursday at the cultural center of Montigny-le-Tilleul, after the events that took place in the agora space on May 1. It was a Facebook post that ignited the powder. An angry mother posted a message, saying that her son, a minor, went to play on the football field … Read more

“Sportsdirect Forced to Close Due to Insecurity in Namur Station District”

2023-05-05 14:02:00 Gwen Donny, the manager of Sportsdirect, is fed up with the insecurity which reigns in the district of the station. It’s been a year since he took over the establishment, selling sporting goods, but he’s already thrown in the towel. The premises will close on June 30. “I’ve had enough of daily life … Read more