Jesús Hernández presented medical examinations with Junior and left after failing to reach an economic agreement | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Junior de Barranquilla has been one of the Colombian soccer teams that have added the most reinforcements for the 2023 season, where they hope to make a good presentation in the Copa Sudamericana and win the BetPlay League title, the latter, overcoming the unfortunate performance in the closing. With the incorporation of players such as … Read more

Out of Control Dad Calls Himself Jesus…When a 5-year-old girl “sawed off her right leg” in front of a 5-year-old girl, the mother was scared, but “left her daughter and ran by herself” | International | CTWANT

Shannon Cox, a 48-year-old man in Arkansas, USA, in front of his 5-year-old daughter at home a few days ago, claimed to be Jesus like a madman, then picked up an electric saw and sawed himself in front of his daughter. The legs of such a young child are frightened by witnessing everything. The wife … Read more

Tony Issa to his father on his birthday: He is always at the fore and does not look like anyone

Lebanese actor Tony Issa posted, on his Twitter account, a picture of his father, actor Nazim Issa, on the occasion of the latter’s birthday, where he greeted him with touching words stemming from the heart. Tony attached the photo with the following comment: “By Lilly is always at the fore before us and the whole … Read more

Do you remember the artist Naim Issa, the hero of the play “Raya and Sakina” .. Watch how he has become now .. and for those who said “one of them is for God”

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian media, Amr Al-Leithi, published on his account on “Instagram” the promo of the new episode of his program “One of the People”, in which he hosts the Egyptian artist Naim Issa, in which he revealed the suffering he is experiencing in the recent period because his colleagues were not asked about … Read more