Potential Taiwanese Refugee Crisis: Yonaguni Island’s Lack of Response Plan

2023-12-05 09:44:55 (Reuters Yonaguni Island, 5th) Japanese Yonaguni Island resident Takayoshi Sagihara recalled that he happened to meet the last group of Vietnamese refugees to arrive in 1977. At that time, four men crossed the sea for more than 2,000 kilometers to Yonaguni Island, the westernmost inhabited island in Japan. He was worried about this. … Read more

Boost Your Brain Power with Wasabi: The Latest Research Findings

2023-12-06 22:56:00 BOSTON – A condiment served with sushi could boost your brain power, according to new research. Wasabi is that incredibly spicy green paste that is always served with sushi, and the main component is a biochemical that has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers in Japan randomized 72 healthy subjects between the ages … Read more

Philippine Coast Guard: Ship Building, Base Expansion, and News Updates

2023-12-06 07:59:26 The Philippine Coast Guard lacks large patrol ships and plans to build a new base in Subic Bay free times[Guo Zhengliang‚Äôs point of view]Mainland militia ships gather at the “Oxbow Reef”! Guo Zhengliang: The Philippines is no match for the porcelain |[Global Vision]Highlights @Global_Vision Zhongtian TVThreatening Philippine ships? 135 Chinese militia ships “lined … Read more

Recovery Efforts for Airmen and Aircraft Debris After Japan Osprey Crash

2023-12-05 19:26:47 Air Force Special Operations Command said Tuesday it has identified the eight service members lost when their Osprey crashed off the coast of Japan last week and was now focused on recovering all of their bodies and the aircraft debris. The CV-22B Osprey crashed on Nov. 29 during a training mission. Ospreys have … Read more

Osaka Bento Shop: Keeping Customers Full at the Lowest Price

2023-12-05 00:55:58 The owner of a bento shop in Osaka, Japan insists on keeping customers full at the lowest price. (Photo/reproduced from MBS News) How can a convenience store be so Buddhist-minded! Japan’s recent sharp depreciation of currency has led to a crazy rise in prices. However, there is a bento shop owner in Osaka … Read more

Over 30,000 copies of “Exit 8” were sold on the first day. The new horror game RTA on Steam was launched. Office workers were in a hurry to find the exit at 1:33 | 4Gamers

2023-12-01 08:42:25 “Exit 8” (Exit 8), developed by the Japanese game developer “KOTAKE CREATE”, has been widely praised since its release on Steam at the end of November. Now even the SpeedRun speed challenge has begun to play in the player community It’s going on… Judging from the level-breaking mechanism of this game, it’s actually … Read more