Équeurdreville-Hainneville. Nearly 28,000 admissions to the Palace in 2023

2023-12-07 03:02:47 Par Editorial La Presse de la Manche Published on 7 Dec 23 at 4:02 See my news Follow La Presse de la Manche Unlike other Cherbourg screening rooms, the Palace, in Équeurdreville, is managed by an association. Fifty-six volunteers and two employees make up the structure. Twenty-seven volunteers are present to attend the … Read more

An apocalyptic trailer for this Gravity-style sci-fi thriller set in the middle of nuclear war

2023-12-05 15:00:00 In space, no one will hear you scream in this trailer at the Gravity which goes (very) badly. After the masterpiece West Side Story by Steven Spielberg which won him an Oscar, the American dancer, singer and actress Ariana DeBose moves to Hollywood. After Wish – Asha and the lucky star in 2023 … Read more

Perfect Days: A Cinematic Exploration of Daily Life and Existential Change in Tokyo

2023-12-04 11:35:20 IMMERSION IN HABITS Wim Wenders signs a new fake road movie, his pioneering genre which he sublimated in his Road Trilogy from the 1970s composed ofAlice in the Cities, Wrong move et Over time. Imbued with great delicacy and abundant visual and thematic richness, Perfect Days takes us into the daily life of … Read more

Pope of English Romantic Comedy: Exploring the World of ‘Love Actually’

2023-12-01 10:42:27 “Love Actually” is the first production of Richard Curtis, a romantic Englishman to the core. The writer-director, then aged 47, may be a beginner behind the camera, but he is far from being an unknown. We owe to this great screenwriter “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, “Love at First Sight in Notting Hill” … Read more

Digital Economy Blog – “Crack the voice” of poor quality French versions thanks to automated dubbing

2023-11-22 15:10:15 The month of September 2023 marked the end of summer and the beginning of dark hours for… the dubbing industry. Since mid-September, numerous videos of famous personalities conversing easily in several foreign languages ​​have been circulating on the platforms X (new name for Twitter) and Tik Tok. No, the French did not suddenly … Read more

Napoleon: Ridley Scott’s Film Receives Mixed Reviews in Anglo-Saxon and French Press

2023-11-19 22:46:01 Ridley Scott, director of the film Napoleon which is released in theaters this week, received much better reviews in the Anglo-Saxon press than in the French. He responded scathingly to his detractors. From one side of the Channel to the other, the film Napoleon by Anglo-American director Ridley Scott was variously appreciated. While … Read more