Under what conditions do people with a mental disorder become violent? | Health & Wellness

Violence currently constitutes a public health problem and frequently falls on the most vulnerable members of the community, such as minors and women. A well-organized society provides people, through family and school socialization and the acquisition of moral conscience, integration mechanisms and emotional ties with other human beings that protect them from getting involved in … Read more

Tragic Car Accident in Morville Sparks Community Support and Fundraising Efforts

2023-12-04 17:00:00 Since this Saturday, the inhabitants of Onhaye and Florennes have all thought of the children of Jérôme Lefèvre and Lindsay Dautrive. The couple died in a dramatic car accident near Morville. Faced with this tragedy, many messages of sympathy poured in from all sides but a friend of Jérôme’s mother decided to go … Read more

Dramatic Police Chase Through Lommel, Limburg and Leopoldsburg – Exclusive Video Coverage

2023-12-01 13:07:27 There is still a lot of uncertainty about the facts, but according to initial reports, the pursuit began when a driver refused to stop during a police check in Lommel, Limburg. of videos The driver headed towards Leopoldsburg. As he fled, the driver was pursued by more and more police officers, with local … Read more

Concrete Bollard Positioning Rules: Urban and Highway Safety Standards

2023-11-25 19:00:51 in a frontal, there are 2 ways, either by a ghost on the highway, or by these small concrete bollards in various formats in town, in urban areas and in built-up areas. However, there are rules for positioning concrete bollards. The municipalities cannot place them anywhere and yet, in Taintignies for example, they … Read more

Head-On Collision in Antwerp: Pregnant Woman Among Injured – Latest News and Videos

2023-11-25 08:37:36 A violent head-on collision left four people injured, including a pregnant woman, last night in Hoogstraten, in the province of Antwerp. According to information from Gazet van Antwerpen, a small van took a turn too wide and was unable to avoid a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. The shock, which took place … Read more

Emmanuel Persinest Murder Trial: Real Accident or Disguised Murder?

2023-11-23 22:38:16 Since this Thursday, and for three days, Emmanuel Persinest has been on trial for the murder of his partner, mother of three children born from a previous union, in 2016. As explained by our colleagues atUnionhe has been detained since 2019. Several elements led the Laon investigating judge to request the indictment of … Read more

Matthew Collins: The Descent into Hell and his Fight for Life Against Glioblastoma

2023-11-13 18:53:00 Matthew Collins, a Welshman from Swansea, experienced what we call a descent into hell in the space of a few months. The man, complaining of severe headaches, went to the emergency room and was prescribed analgesic medication to temporarily relieve his pain. A few days later, the situation did not improve and even … Read more