What protects us from developing a mental disorder? | Health & Wellness

Now that mental health has become one of the main topics of interest and that public care centers are mostly overwhelmed, it may be useful to remember which factors have demonstrated a protective capacity in the development of mental disorders. Committing to prevention is a completely complementary measure to investing adequately in a quality healthcare … Read more

Under what conditions do people with a mental disorder become violent? | Health & Wellness

Violence currently constitutes a public health problem and frequently falls on the most vulnerable members of the community, such as minors and women. A well-organized society provides people, through family and school socialization and the acquisition of moral conscience, integration mechanisms and emotional ties with other human beings that protect them from getting involved in … Read more

When mental health becomes content: “We don’t need ‘influencers’, we need psychiatrists” | Health & Wellness

He looks for his reflection on his cell phone, but what he finds there is very different from what he sees, every morning, in the mirror. And that makes him angry. Beatriz López, a 47-year-old Valencian, is bothered by how people talk about depression on social media. How she frivolizes a topic that has touched … Read more

This is how age influences mental health: children are more anxious, and adolescents are more depressed | Health & Wellness

Being young is usually a positive factor when talking about health. But things change radically when we focus on mental health. A new analysis based on data from the 2019 Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) reveals that mental disorders burden the lives of the population aged five to 24 years . One in 10 … Read more

Admitted to a mental hospital because of “obsessive illness” and feeling pain all the time

On January 29, at the information sharing session about the little-known disease “body dysmorphic disorder”, Dr. Trinh Thi Van Anh, Department of Stress-Related Disorders and Sexual and Gender Health (Institute of Health) Mental Health – Bach Mai Hospital) said that recently, the hospital had just treated a female patient with body dysmorphic disorder. I went … Read more

Álvaro Valles, the fittest goalkeeper in Europe: macaroni, stamps and mental strength | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle Now that he is the most inspired goalkeeper in Europe (84% saves), UD Las Palmas footballer Álvaro Valles thinks a lot about the day that another goalkeeper, Nico Monclova, broke his cruciate on a Third Division field. “That’s why they gave me the opportunity,” says Valles’ wife, María Saravia, who often remembers her husband, … Read more