Watch .. The moment of thwarting 5 attempts to smuggle 168 kilos of the narcotic substance “Shabu” hidden in consignments with people coming to the Kingdom

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority managed to thwart 5 attempts to smuggle more than 168 kilograms of the narcotic substance “Shabu”, after … Read more

A report monitors the suffering of the people of Cordoba neighborhood in Riyadh from car rental offices… and one of them is offering his house for sale • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Abdullah Al-Shammari offered his house in Riyadh for sale due to the large number of “rental offices” cars. Al-Shammari said, in an … Read more

The Public Prosecution announces the confiscation of 4 billion riyals and a 25-year prison sentence for a gang organization consisting of 6 people..and reveals the accusations involved in it

Al-Marsad newspaper: An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that the investigations of the Economic Crimes Prosecution ended with the accusation of a gang … Read more