Kang-in Lee’s first goal in Mallorca against Real Madrid

Photo = Mallorca’s Twitter Kang-in Lee (20, Mallorca) scored his debut goal in Mallorca against powerhouse Real Madrid. Kang-in Lee started the away match against … Read more

Chae-Hyun Seo wins gold medal in lead event at 2021 IFSC Sports Climbing World Championships

Photo = Korea Mountain Federation Seo Chae-hyeon (18, Shin Jeong-go) won her first gold medal in the lead at the 2021 International Sports Climbing Federation … Read more

Actor Seo Yi-sook ‘heart attack death’ fake news “preparation to sue”

Actor Seo Yi-sook. Provided by Quantum E&M Actor Seo Yi-sook foreshadowed legal action in relation to the fake death rumor raised in an online community. … Read more

“She treated me like a crazy woman”… Model Park Young-sun’s humiliation

Park Young-sun. View ‘Single Bungle Salon’ capture Model Park Young-sun recalled the past when she was humiliated. Park Young-sun appeared on Channel View’s ‘Single Bungle … Read more

Public sector deficit of 51 trillion won due to corona money loosening… after the financial crisis

In 2020, 4 extra budget transfers increase Central deficit of 73 trillion won and local government 10 trillion won Social Security Fund maintains a surplus … Read more