I needed to pay for journey to Jurmala, however nonetheless acquired a advantageous

From February 1, 2024, adjustments concerning entry into Jurmala got here into drive, which stipulate that you have to pay 3 euros for a day cross all year long. Ginta didn’t know this, so on February 2 she didn’t pay for journey to the resort city, transmits No Taboo. The lady realized her mistake later, … Read more

Latvia’s new excise taxes will spur inflation

How do Latvian economists assess the situation with prices? And what forecasts do they give? Ieva Opmane, economist: — Prices were expected to rise slightly in March as excise taxes on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and sweetened soft drinks increased this month. Fuel prices also increased slightly during the month, while district heating tariffs continued … Read more

Céline Dion revealing the culture of youthism – Libération

Billet Article reserved for subscribers The Quebec singer is on the cover of “Vogue” to which she gave a long interview, where she expresses her gratitude to see her beauty revealed at 55 years old. But why would it be an honor for a woman in her fifties to be on the cover of a … Read more

Images of strange landscapes of Jupiter’s moon Io captured (VIDEO)

Based on the data obtained, NASA artists created animations of two strange objects on Io: a lake of hot magma and an amazing mountain. The moon Io is considered the most volcanically active body in the solar system. There are over 400 volcanoes recorded on it, a significant part of which are active. Close flights … Read more

Well, how’s that?! People are shocked by the picture at the Daugava stadium after renovation

At the beginning of February, the athletics arena at the Daugava stadium opened. But, alas, the appearance of all this goodness at the moment does not indicate a “fresh renovation”. “Never in my life have I seen such a shitty sidewalk as the one that was just opened at the sports arena of the Daugava … Read more

Macron’s promised €3 billion for Ukraine creates a problem for France

The newspaper Le Monde (paid access) writes (French and in English) that military assistance of 3 billion euros per year for Ukraine, provided for in the agreement on guarantees of support signed on February 16, creates a headache for the country’s government: it is forced to cut costs on other items and resort to various … Read more

Without interruption, the participation of schools in February in the educational programs at the Old Slaughterhouses PHOTOS – 2024-03-02 04:36:22

With children’s smiles and voices, the Old Slaughterhouse’s multi-purpose hall “came alive” throughout February, the peak month of the carnival season, since the Lilliputians were protagonists both in the Carnival towns and in the educational programs. The visits of Primary Education schools and pre-school education centers to the Old Slaughterhouse multi-purpose hall continued without interruption, … Read more