What is a Latvian professor looking for in the Asian jungle?

“Aliens” are among us Almost on the very border with Belarus, on the outskirts of Latgale, in the town of Ilgas, there is a secret object in the forest. Only this secret is local: in their native Latvia they hardly know about it, but they know it almost all over the world. No, this is … Read more

Regular flights between Helsinki and Tartu have been opened

Finnair launched regular flights between Tartu and Helsinki on Sunday. At 14.35, 34 air passengers arrived from Helsinki, who were accompanied to the airport lounge by folk dance performers from the Tarbatu ensemble. Accordion music and saxophone quartet The Big Band Theory set the mood. Passengers received lemonade and chocolate “Tartu 2024” as a gift. … Read more

Well, how’s that?! People are shocked by the picture at the Daugava stadium after renovation

At the beginning of February, the athletics arena at the Daugava stadium opened. But, alas, the appearance of all this goodness at the moment does not indicate a “fresh renovation”. “Never in my life have I seen such a shitty sidewalk as the one that was just opened at the sports arena of the Daugava … Read more

The Czech Republic has uncovered a Russian bribery scheme for EU politicians

Czech authorities claim that they were able to uncover a scheme to spread Russian propaganda in Europe and bribe European politicians. Simultaneously with the statements of the Czech authorities, details of the scheme were published on March 27 by Der Spiegel and the Czech newspaper Denik N. The German authorities also expressed their concern about … Read more

Cost Estimates for Road Construction: Insights from Mikhail Blinkin, Scientific Director of the Institute of Transport Economics

2023-12-21 17:21:32 The current average estimate of the cost of building 1 km of a single-lane road is from 120 million to 150 million rubles, says Mikhail Blinkin, scientific director of the Institute of Transport Economics at the Higher School of Economics. Considering that the number of lanes at the facility varies from 4 to … Read more

Investigation into bpost Contracts and Worker Practices: Government Partnerships and Embezzlements Revealed

2023-10-07 06:10:54 The prosecution is closely interested in the three contracts concluded between bpost and different SPFs, as well as in the practices of certain (ex-) bpost workers involved in these contracts. The prosecution, which did not wish to comment on this information, only confirmed that an investigation was indeed underway, at the judicial information … Read more

Conner Rousseau: Dismissed Sexual Offense Cases and Ongoing Investigations – Latest Updates and Insights

2023-09-21 18:19:36 At the beginning of September, the complaint for sexual offenses filed by the East Flanders public prosecutor’s office against Rousseau was dismissed. It concerned a young woman in her twenties who was allegedly the victim of sexual offences. Previously, two other cases against the socialist had been dismissed because the investigation had not … Read more

Political Salaries Revealed: How Much Do Our Ministers, Deputies, and Mayors Earn?

2023-09-21 11:41:44 Ministers, deputies and mayors: here is how much our political representatives earn How much do our politicians earn? A real headache because it depends on a host of rules and obviously on each person’s personal (family) and tax situation, but here’s what we can tell you… According to the budgetary documents, the salaries … Read more