Lim Seong-eun, leaving ‘Young Tux’ → Philippine 2000 pyeong spa CEO transformation

Money Today Reporter Ryu Won-hye | 2023.03.10 05:30 /Photo = MBN ‘Special World’ Singer Lim Sung-eun (52), a member of the group Young Tux Club, revealed the recent status of her transformation into a spa CEO in the Philippines. In MBN’s ‘Special World’, which aired on the 9th, Lim Seong-eun, who started the second act … Read more

The plane disappeared shortly after takeoff

Civil Aviation Authority Philippines (CAAP) has confirmed that a small plane, a Cessna 340 with four people on board, went missing after taking off on the morning of February 18 southeast of Manila, according to The Washington Post. According to CAAP, the authorities are currently searching for the vehicle missing plane. The Cessna 340 left … Read more

More than 120 aftershocks have been recorded in the Philippines after yesterday’s quake.

At least 123 aftershocks were reported by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Masbate province on February 16. The risk mitigation bureau in Masbate province said there were some buildings in Masbate. which is the provincial capital there is a crack in the wall which includes the provincial … Read more

Angle: “Sunlight blocking” research in developing countries, NGO new funding | Reuters

Oslo (8th Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Scientists in developing countries recently received new funding to study potentially dangerous ways to slow the pace of global warming. I put it in. The method is “solar geoengineering,” which involves artificially blocking sunlight by releasing reflective chemicals such as sulfur particles into the atmosphere, similar to volcanic plumes. … Read more

Philippines allows US access to four more military bases | ASEAN

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III is welcomed to Camp Navarro, Zamboanga, Philippines, February 1. (Source: According to Reuters and SCMP, on February 2, the Philippine Department of Defense issued a statement saying that the country allowed the United States to have wider access to military bases under the provisions of law. bilateral defense … Read more

Climate change fuels human trafficking, warns UN report

Published on : 25/01/2023 – 10:37 In the Philippines, for example, human trafficking surged after the devastating 2013 cyclone Haiyan. Climate change is aggravating human trafficking around the world. It is the conclusion of a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report (UNODC) published on Tuesday 23 January. The agency is based on data … Read more