What is a Latvian professor looking for in the Asian jungle?

“Aliens” are among us Almost on the very border with Belarus, on the outskirts of Latgale, in the town of Ilgas, there is a secret object in the forest. Only this secret is local: in their native Latvia they hardly know about it, but they know it almost all over the world. No, this is … Read more

Nightmare Henna Painting: Allergic Reactions, Blisters, and Scars – A Warning for Tattoo Enthusiasts

2023-09-22 06:52:51 Young woman shares lesson Henna painting costs ten baht It becomes a nightmare, the blisters blister and itch, and leave scars. Warning: check first whether you are allergic or not. Today (22 Sep. 2023), a user of the TikTok account @Iamseasons posted a video clip. Share an example of an experience with henna … Read more

heart stop clip Master opened the door to call the younger in the wheelchair to walk. before dropping down the stairs to get blood

Master opened the door to call the younger in the wheelchair to walk. before letting them roll down the stairs, both the person and the car Netizens were stunned again Seeing the younger brother hurt, the older brother still laughing website CTWANT Release video clips of accidents It is a cautionary tale for parents with … Read more

Russia missiles attack on Ukrainian capital, UN Secretary-General is visiting | Reuters

According to Ukrainian officials, Russia launched two missiles at the capital city of Kyiv, which is being visited by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, on the evening of the 28th. Taken with Kyiv. Image provided (2022 Archyde.com / Press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine / Handout via REUTERS) [Kiev (Kyiv) 28th Archyde.com]–According to … Read more

[속보] Roman Abramovich disqualified as owner of Chelsea

Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, who had been the owner of Chelsea FC in the English Premier League (EPL) for about 20 years since 2003, announced on the 2nd (local time) that it would sell the club. A close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine, said the decision was “unbelievably difficult”. Pictured is … Read more

The parable of Grandfather’s stomachache, urinating interrupted, endured for a long time. Finally, the surgeon found a giant stone.

Bladder disease found about 3-5% ofurinary tract patientsOverall, Nakornping Hospital outpatient statistics in 2021 found that there were 240 bladder stones patients (total urinary tract stones 7,451 cases). 1. caused by beingkidney stonesbefore and then slide down to accumulate increasing size in the bladder 2. Born inbladderIn this case, it is often associated with a … Read more