Danger in the smart home – when the hacker penetrates through the light bulb

2023-09-06 11:30:00 According to the latest surveys, every Austrian owns an average of 9.4 network-enabled devices. Five years ago, that number was 5.6. The considerable plus is not least due to smart home technology. In addition to smartphones, computers, game consoles and tablets, networked refrigerators, food bowls and garbage cans abound in homes today. Even … Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron Defends French Ambassador’s Stay in Niger amidst Political Crisis

2023-08-28 22:44:00 French President Emmanuel Macron said on August 28 that the French ambassador would stay in Niger after military forces who staged a coup in the West African country in July ordered him to leave the country. Representative photo in Paris (2023 REUTERS) [パリ 28日 ロイター] – French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday … Read more

US Tesla, China-made EV new car sales in July decreased by 31% from the previous month = industry group | Reuters

2023-08-03 16:05:00 According to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on the 3rd, US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla sold 64,285 new EVs made in China in July, down 31% from the previous month. Photo taken in January 2021 (2023 REUTERS/Tingshu Wang/File Photo) BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Archyde.com) – U.S. electric vehicle giant Tesla’s sales … Read more

Britain’s Defense Minister Wallace Announces Resignation and Cabinet Reshuffle: Latest Updates

2023-07-16 03:18:00 Britain’s Defense Minister Wallace announced on July 15 that he will not run for the next general election and will step down as defense minister when the cabinet is reshuffled. FILE PHOTO: London, June 29, 2023. REUTERS/Anna Gordon [ロンドン 15日 ロイター] – Britain’s Defense Minister Wallace has announced that he will not stand … Read more

U.S. economy follows a path to control inflation and maintain a robust labor market = Treasury Secretary | Reuters

2023-06-30 17:14:00 U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen said on Monday that the U.S. economy is on track to keep inflation under control and maintain a strong labor market, even if it cools a little more. Photo taken in April 2022 (2023 REUTERS/Tom Brenner) [30日 ロイター] – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Monday that the … Read more

The Rise of Germany’s Far-Right Party AfD: Alarming Polls and Growing Support

2023-06-09 21:50:00 BERLIN (Archyde.com) – Germany’s far-right anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) is gaining support in polls, raising alarm among major parties. He is on track to win elections in three eastern German states by calling for a block on immigration and criticizing green policies as costly. Germany’s far-right anti-immigration party, the Alternative for … Read more

Hedge funds move from European stocks to Japanese and US stocks = major US financial firms | Reuters

2023-06-05 13:39:00 LONDON (Archyde.com) – Hedge funds moved their investments from European stocks to U.S. and Japanese stocks last week, according to a memo to clients from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs & Co. This is because stock prices in Japan and the United States have risen against the backdrop of … Read more

Macron acknowledges Eastern European warnings of Russia’s belligerence: Importance of unity in EU emphasized

2023-06-01 02:03:00 French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that France should have listened more to Eastern European countries, which warned of Russia’s belligerence even before it invaded Ukraine. File photo, November 2022, representative photo (2023 Archyde.com) [パリ 31日 ロイター] – French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that France should have listened more to … Read more