Philippines to purchase US-made helicopter Cancel contract with Russia = Ambassador to the US | Reuters

The Philippines, which canceled the purchase of Russian-made helicopters on August 15, is negotiating with the United States to purchase Chinook helicopters (pictured). Reuters/Patryk Ogorzalek/Agencja … Read more

Suu Kyi sentenced to 6 years in prison for corruption charges by Myanmar court = source | Reuters

A court in military-ruled Myanmar has sentenced pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, 77, to six years in prison on four counts of corruption. A … Read more

Shanghai Corona app leaks personal information for 48.5 million people | Reuters

A hacker has claimed to have obtained the personal information of 48.5 million users of an anti-coronavirus app operated by Shanghai, China. The photo shows … Read more

“Indian Buffett” dies, Junjunwala with net worth of $6 billion | Reuters

Billionaire investor Rakesh Junjunwala, dubbed ‘India’s Warren Buffett’, died on August 14. FILE PHOTO: Mumbai, India, November 2017. REUTERS/Shailesh Andrade MUMBAI (Reuters) – Billionaire investor … Read more

EU and South Korea express concern about US EV purchase tax deduction “WTO violation” | Reuters

The European Union has expressed concern that a tax credit for electric vehicle buyers included in the US Senate’s appropriations and revenues bill passed on … Read more

China imposes sanctions on Lithuania’s deputy minister after visiting Taiwan | Reuters

China’s foreign ministry said on Thursday it had imposed sanctions on Lithuania’s Vice Minister of Transport and Communications Baisiukeviciute following a visit to Taiwan. Communication … Read more

Latvia and Estonia withdraw from cooperation framework with China | Reuters

Latvia and Estonia, the three Baltic states, announced on August 11 that they would withdraw from the framework of cooperation between China and the Central … Read more

Russia does not regard Switzerland as neutral “Participating in illegal sanctions in Western countries” | Reuters

On August 11, Russia said it no longer considers Switzerland neutral because it participates in Western countries’ “illegal” sanctions against Russia. FILE PHOTO: Bern, Switzerland, … Read more

McDonald’s to reopen stores in Ukraine within months | Reuters

US fast food chain McDonald’s has announced that it will reopen its stores in Ukraine in the coming months. FILE PHOTO/File Photo/File Photo/File Photo/File Photo … Read more

Wildfires do not end in Europe, record heat wave continues Rhine River water level drops | Reuters

In Europe, which has been hit by a record heat wave, wildfires raged in France, Spain, Portugal, etc. I was affected. FILE PHOTO: Gironde, France, … Read more