The Impact of China’s Economic Crisis on East Asia’s Growth: World Bank’s Forecast

2023-10-02 07:44:44 Washington: The World Bank says that the crisis in the Chinese economy will affect the economic growth of East Asia. The World Bank predicts that the economic growth will decrease in the Pacific countries as well. In 2023, the economic growth of East Asia will decrease to five percent. According to the World … Read more

[Market Eye]Stocks: Nikkei Stock Average / Daily “Small Yin Line”, lack of sense of direction due to achievement of milestones | Reuters

2023-08-29 05:14:00 [Tokyo, 29th]- The Nikkei Stock Average and daily chart are “small shade lines”, lack of sense of direction due to achievement of milestones Nikkei Stock Average and daily charts have become “small shade lines” with whiskers on the top and bottom. The closing price is 32,226.97 yen. With the lack of new … Read more

Focus: China’s economic slowdown, multiple obstacles to stimulating consumption | Reuters

2023-08-25 22:03:00 BEIJING/HONG KONG ( – Erin Yao, a 30-year-old book editor living in Beijing, has taken street dance classes and traveled all she could in the three years since the Chinese government’s “zero coronavirus” policy. I was going to do something that wasn’t there. On August 25, Erin Yao, 30, a book editor living … Read more

[Market Eye]Stocks: The Nikkei Stock Average in the aftermath expands, Advantest is sluggish | Reuters

2023-08-24 03:40:00 [Tokyo 24th]- Nikkei Stock Average in the after-hours increases, Advantest is sluggish The Nikkei Stock Average in the after-hours is expanding its upper level from the level at the end of the previous day. It rose to 194 yen at one time, and renewed the high price during the day. After-hours US … Read more

China’s Green Garden suspends trading of onshore bonds from 14th Debt crisis | Reuters

2023-08-13 09:17:00 Chinese real estate developer Bei Gui Yuan will suspend the trading of 11 onshore corporate bonds from the beginning of the week on the 14th. It was revealed in a document submitted to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the 12th. A decision on resuming trading will be made at a later date. The … Read more

US Tesla, China-made EV new car sales in July decreased by 31% from the previous month = industry group | Reuters

2023-08-03 16:05:00 According to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on the 3rd, US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla sold 64,285 new EVs made in China in July, down 31% from the previous month. Photo taken in January 2021 (2023 REUTERS/Tingshu Wang/File Photo) BEIJING/SHANGHAI ( – U.S. electric vehicle giant Tesla’s sales … Read more

U.S. Secretary of State Criticizes Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov at ASEAN Press Conference, Calls for Stability in Indo-Pacific Region

2023-07-14 15:21:00 U.S. Secretary of State Brinken said at a press conference after the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-related meeting on the 14th that Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov was “neither constructive nor productive” on any issue, saying that he had not done so in Ukraine. He said he did not hear any remarks suggesting … Read more

Hot Stock: Socionext is back and forth, some say the ‘speculation phase’ is over | Reuters

2023-07-11 23:37:00 [Tokyo 12th]- Socionext is trending in positive territory. After falling three days in a row and approaching the market, it temporarily turned positive and has been fluctuating around the previous day’s closing price. As of 9:30 a.m., the stock was up more than 1% and trading value was the highest in the … Read more