Pokémon Run Hong Kong 2024: Science Park Carnival, Pikachu Meet-and-Greet, and Registration Details

2023-12-17 22:30:52 Pokémon Run starts in March 2024!Competitors receive souvenir bags, red and white Poké Ball finisher medals/Science Park holds theme carnival, Pikachu meet-and-greet The officially authorized Pokémon Run Hong Kong 2024 will start at the Science Park on March 17, 2024. In addition to running events divided into different groups, a themed carnival will … Read more

‘Super typhoon’ just in time for overseas filming… Jo Se-ho “Why does this only happen to us?”

2023-09-14 22:10:38 Money Today Reporter Mara | 2023.09.15 07:10 /Photo = KBS2 ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ broadcast screen The members of ‘Hong Kim-dong Jeon’ were unable to film due to Super Typhoon Saola, which hit Hong Kong. In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’, which aired on the 14th, the story of the members who … Read more

Tuen Mun South Extension and Kudong Line: New Transportation Projects for Tuen Mun Area

2023-09-10 15:51:10 ============Additional screenings at the same scene:【Housework Expert】Experts teach you the way! What are your tips for washing your own car? Is it more efficient to start washing from the roof of the car? Don’t you wash your car’s steering wheel as soon as you park your car? ============ Tuen Mun South Extension to … Read more

Unlock the Ultimate Lifestyle with U Lifestyle App: Earn Points, Watch Videos, and Discover Food and More!

2023-09-04 04:00:29 ►Click here to download U Lifestyle App Earning points strategy 1: Enter “Community” to earn U Fun! How about going to have a reunion dinner during the Mid-Autumn Festival ~ Click now to enter the U Lifestyle App Life and Food Exchange Zone “Community” to watch! There are a lot of life experts … Read more

Focus: China’s economic slowdown, multiple obstacles to stimulating consumption | Reuters

2023-08-25 22:03:00 BEIJING/HONG KONG (Archyde.com) – Erin Yao, a 30-year-old book editor living in Beijing, has taken street dance classes and traveled all she could in the three years since the Chinese government’s “zero coronavirus” policy. I was going to do something that wasn’t there. On August 25, Erin Yao, 30, a book editor living … Read more

Unlock the Rewards: Download U Lifestyle App for Exclusive Point-Earning Strategies and Exciting Activities!

2023-08-02 03:45:51 ►Click here to download U Lifestyle App Earning points strategy 1: Enter “Community” to earn U Fun! Don’t know where to spend the hot weather? Click now to enter the U Lifestyle App’s life and food exchange zone “Community” to watch! There are a lot of life experts sharing food reviews and experiences, … Read more