Ineffective Cannabis Use in Treating Opioid Dependency: University of Sydney Study since 2001

2023-12-06 11:10:27 University of Sydney: Study of heroin addicts since 2001 Entered 2023.12.06 20:10 Views 157 Entered 2023.12.06 20:10 Modified 2023.12.06 16:26 Views 157 The claim that cannabis reduces the risk of drug abuse appears to lack support. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]It has been shown that cannabis is not particularly effective in treating opioid use disorder. The University … Read more

Understanding Liver Health: The Truth About Herbs and Foods for Liver Function

2023-12-06 05:07:10 Herbs known to be good for the liver… can have a negative effect on liver function Entered 2023.12.06 14:05 Views 273 Entered 2023.12.06 14:05 Modified 2023.12.06 12:55 Views 273 Liver cancer is not a disease caused by food. It is not a disease that can be cured by changing food. Eating certain foods … Read more

The Importance of Carbohydrate + Protein Ratio for Effective Weight Loss and Diet Success

2023-12-04 04:33:16 For a healthy diet… It is recommended to consume 30-50% carbohydrates and 20-30% protein. Entered 2023.12.04 13:30 Views 13 Entered 2023.12.04 13:30 Modified 2023.12.04 13:25 Views 13 The ratio of carbohydrates + protein is very important to increase diet efficiency. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] For effective weight loss, eating fewer carbohydrates and restricting calorie intake are … Read more

Rising Fatal Road Accidents in 2022: Impact on Belgian Provinces and Road Safety Measures

2023-12-03 10:50:38 A sad observation on our roads: the number of fatal accidents rising sharply in 2022, here is the most affected province According to the Road Safety Barometer established by the Vias Institute, the number of road deaths increased sharply last year in 2022, in Wallonia (+22%) and in Brussels where it increased from … Read more

Personality Traits and Dementia Risk: How Negative Traits Increase the Risk

2023-12-02 07:01:32 The higher the negative personality traits, the higher the risk of dementia. Entered 2023.12.02 16:00 Views 414 Entered 2023.12.02 16:00 Modified 2023.12.01 16:41 Views 414 People with personality traits such as conscientiousness, extroversion, and positive affect were found to be less likely to be diagnosed with dementia than those with neuroticism and negative … Read more

President of Korean Anticancer Therapy Research Association, Daeyoung Jang, Discusses the Importance of Clinical Trials and Anticancer Treatment

2023-11-29 00:56:07 [Voice of Academy 3-인터뷰] Daeyoung Jang, President of the Korean Anticancer Therapy Research Association Entered 2023.11.29 09:55 Views 24 Entered 2023.11.29 09:55 Views 24 Daeyoung Jang, President of the Korean Anticancer Therapy Research Association, is being interviewed. [사진=대한항암요법연구회]“You should not give up on treatment because of advanced cancer. According to various data, patients … Read more