Top In-Demand Professions in Germany: Opportunities for Professionals from Latin America and Beyond

2023-06-09 22:42:47 “If we don’t act, we will be short 7 million workers by 2035.” These are the words of the German Labor Minister, Hubertus Heil, in an interview with the Financial Times at the beginning of May. A month later, Heil and the German chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, are on a tour of Brazil, Colombia … Read more

Sample port |

2023-06-09 16:52:19 See all There are currently no notifications. Share your stories or interests through forums. If friends come to answer, they will receive a notification as well. post There are currently no notifications. Just 3 easy steps to get notified.New articles in the category you are interested in. Read more I have now followed … Read more

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, a brand new action and platform game unveiled and already dated!

2023-06-08 19:16:00 So this one, no one saw it coming. At the opening of Summer Game Fest Livewe were able to see the series Prince of Persianot with Forgotten Sands Remake returned to the intensive design phase after many development problems, but with an original project. His name is Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown … Read more

Live Coverage of Electoral Assembly: The Front of All, Together for Change, and Leftist and Liberal Spaces Define their Steps for 2023 Elections

2023-06-08 16:14:52 Electoral assembly, launches, cross statements and surveys, in live coverage. The Front of All, Together for Change, leftist and liberal spaces define their csteps for the 2023 elections and are faced with cross statements. I followed the coverage minute by minute on the way to PASO and the general elections in October. LIVE … Read more

The Rise of Soccer in America: From Pelé to Messi and Beyond

2023-06-08 10:00:10 SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE In the 70s, a lot of money was invested to promote football in that country: Pelé, Beckenbauer and Cruyff arrived. When it seemed that the soccer business had not yet exploded, the US dollars showed that it had already exploded. That happened in the 70s with the NASL (North American Soccer … Read more

The Tragic Death of Pablo Marcelo Serrano: A Family’s Pain and Thankfulness to River Club for Support

2023-06-06 01:15:56 “The explanation is that it was a tragedy, an accident, it was never my brother’s intention to jump or commit suicide,” he said and thanked his niece for the psychological help from the club. Pablo Marcelo Serrano, 53 years old, died on Saturday in the Monumental as a result of the fall from … Read more