Uncertainty Lingers: Updates on Undecided Election Races in Nevada and Georgia

2022-11-12 08:00:00 Three days ago, Americans elected a new Congress. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate were up for election. To date, it is not known whether the Republicans have managed to take the majority from the Democrats in one of the two chambers or even in … Read more

Georgia Senate Runoff Election: Deciding the Majority and Legislative Power

2022-12-06 08:00:00 Four weeks have passed since the US congressional elections and one important question is still unanswered: Who will represent the state of Georgia in the Senate in Washington? This time, however, it’s not because the count was too slow, but because none of the candidates surpassed the 50 percent mark of the vote … Read more

2nd day of anti-inflation protests in Kenya

Published on : 27/03/2023 – 23:20 A man was shot dead in the west of during the 2nd day of clashes between law enforcement and supporters of opponent Raila Odinga, who had called for protests against the government and inflation despite the ban from the authorities. The details of our correspondent in Nairobi, Elodie Cousin. … Read more

‘This must never happen again’: US warns China in rare encounter in Munich

The US secretary of state also warned Wang Yi of the “implications and consequences” for China if it were to provide “material support” to Russia in its war in Ukraine, according to the report. same source. The meeting, which took place away from the media on the sidelines of the Security Conference in Munich, Germany, … Read more

Joe Biden’s Wife Kisses Kamala Harris’s Husband In US House | Unknowingly kissed… that’s all; President Joe Biden’s wife kisses Vice President Kamala’s husband

The video of President Joe Biden’s wife and America’s first lady Jill Biden kissing American Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband Dow Emhoff has gone viral. The elite liplock came just before President Joe Biden addressed the American congregation on Capitol Hill on Tuesday night. The two engaged in a kiss while many members of society … Read more