Joe Biden’s Wife Kisses Kamala Harris’s Husband In US House | Unknowingly kissed… that’s all; President Joe Biden’s wife kisses Vice President Kamala’s husband

The video of President Joe Biden’s wife and America’s first lady Jill Biden kissing American Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband Dow Emhoff has gone viral. The elite liplock came just before President Joe Biden addressed the American congregation on Capitol Hill on Tuesday night.

The two engaged in a kiss while many members of society were standing around. People standing around clapped. Later, the video of the incident went viral on Twitter. Many people came with comments. It was Biden’s first State of the Union address since losing his majority in the US House.

Biden will address the House for the first time since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives. Appealing to Republicans for support, Biden said the American economy is moving forward and is in better shape than any country on earth. He also expressed frustration with the spread of Covid and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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