Why did Mexico surpass China to become the world’s leading country in exporting goods to the US?

Mexico leads the world in supplying goods to the US This change is a direct result of US-China tensions as well as efforts to readjust supply chains from US and global businesses, according to the article published by Fortune. Data released this Wednesday (February 9) by the US Department of Commerce shows that the total … Read more

Adoption of a plan to develop the national market supply system

2023-12-19 20:01:17 ALGIERS – The ministries of Trade and Export Promotion and Agriculture and Rural Development have adopted a new intersectoral plan aimed at ensuring the availability of widely consumed agricultural and food products and developing the market supply system national, said a press release from the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday. The announcement was … Read more

The very innovative support of Trèfle adventure

2023-12-19 19:41:05 These two colleagues working at Apec (Association for Executive Employment), passionate about people and motivated by the idea of ​​giving meaning and a place to everyone, decided to create Trèfle Aventure in 2020, at the heart of the multimedia city of Pau. They operate in Béarn, the Basque Country, Landes, Tarn and Bigorre, … Read more

The Japanese central bank maintains negative interest rates

2023-12-19 11:42:52 Noha Makram – Live – The Bank of Japan maintained its ultra-loose monetary policy on Tuesday, in a widely expected move, with the bank preferring to wait for more evidence that wages and prices will rise enough to justify a shift away from its massive stimulus policy. The central bank fixed short-term interest … Read more

Global stocks stabilize and euro zone revenues decline

2023-12-05 12:06:44 Noha Makram – Live – German 10-year government bond yields fell to their lowest levels in six months on Tuesday, while global stocks settled at their highest levels in four months as traders strengthened their bets on the European Central Bank cutting interest rates in early 2024 and maintained their expectations about the … Read more

“I can no longer carry out my catering business, we will find ourselves in debt”: this trader in turmoil in Cagnes

2023-12-03 17:00:00 The dream turned into a nightmare. In April 2022, Valérie Cambe launched a concept with her son. A Corsican grocery store for tasting on avenue Cyrille Besset, in Cagnes-sur-Mer. “It worked very well, we started to have people”, she shares. After almost a year of activity, his son, owner of the business, announced … Read more

The High Cost of Healthcare in Belgium: Uncovering Secret Drug Contracts and the BIM Status

2023-11-30 18:07:00 Of the average annual health expenditure of €3,773 per inhabitant in Belgium, only 81.2% is covered, i.e. a remaining cost of €687. This makes Belgium the seventh country in the EU where people have to pay the most out of pocket for their healthcare. In addition, hospital care is particularly poorly reimbursed, with … Read more