Didier Lefèvre’s Vinyl Store: A Story of Triumph and Tragedy

2023-09-26 16:16:24 Despite his grief, Didier Lefèvre is ready to bounce back for a brand new project. As we announced to you in our pages a few months ago, the music enthusiast opened his vinyl store in July. But a terrible event put an end to this project. *** *** ******* ****** *** ********** ******** … Read more

Disciplinary Commission Ruling against Puebla: Impact on the General Table and Next Match against Xolos

2023-09-14 14:49:56 The Disciplinary Commission ruled against Puebla in the case of Luis Miguel Noriega, a technical assistant who was on the bench in the match against Xolos and was not registered, so they decided to take away the 3 points they obtained; This is how the general table moved. Puebla reported that they will … Read more