Myhlback with clean outclassing on JVM –

With starting number 2, Alvar was the first to finish and his time was never threatened by anyone. He basically increased throughout the race and with 23.05.9 he was totally superior.At the same time, he also got a great revenge from the mass start in freestyle where he had bad skis and hooked at the … Read more

Schedule Spanish Consulate Appointments in Cuba: 2024 Availability for Nationality, Passports, and Civil Registry Procedures

2023-12-01 21:48:33 The Consulate General of Spain in Havana continues to offer updates on appointments for some of the main procedures. This November 30, for example, the consular headquarters announced the availability of new places for first passport appointments. And this December 1st, it notified about the opening of appointments in 2024 for other Civil … Read more

Cédric Swennen Resigns as General Director of SPI: What’s Next for the Territorial Development Agency?

2023-11-12 16:46:43 His resignation presented this Thursday before the board of directors surprised more than one. After 15 years at SPI, the last five as general director, Cédric Swennen (48 years old) decided to do something else. “I have actually felt a little tired lately. I feel like I launched the new strategic plan well, … Read more

Arrest Warrant Requested for Man Accused of Assault at Liège’s Place de la République française

2023-11-04 12:00:00 The Liège public prosecutor’s office sent Albert, born in 62, before an investigating judge with a request for an arrest warrant. The facts with which he is accused took place Friday afternoon, Place de la République française in Liège, more precisely in front of the KFC. For an unknown reason, Albert will take … Read more

Food Inflation Exposed: British YouTubers Shocked by Price Disparity Across Borders

2023-11-03 18:44:00 Josh and Archie, a duo of British Youtubers, wanted to show in their new video to what extent food inflation is affecting their country. To do this, they compared a receipt in a local LIDL, with the total price of a trip abroad for the same shopping and in the same supermarket. The … Read more

Exercise and Fitness Tips for Older Adults: Expert Recommendations for Getting Active

2023-10-28 10:17:32 Polina Zakharova, a specialist from the Association of Fitness Industry Operators, shared recommendations on workouts suitable for older people. For those older people who have been inactive for a long time, but want to start playing sports, Zakharova recommends paying attention to swimming. Calisthenics, exercises to keep joints flexible, light cardio and light … Read more