young man in Turkey ended up in the hospital for his date’s kiss

a young woman of Turkey went viral after recounting his experience in a another which ended in the most unexpected way, well then a romantic moment the woman had to undergo surgery. (You may be interested in: “Don’t go”: accordion player begged Silvestre Dangond not to leave the stage) Ceyda Ersoy, the protagonist of this … Read more

Electricity identifies the areas that are least equipped with energy and explains the reasons

Baghdad – Conscious – Muhammad Al-Talibi Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Electricity identified the reasons for the disparity in the rate of energy supply between the governorates, while indicating the existence of coordination with the Iranian side and the Ministry of Oil to ensure the arrival of sufficient fuel quantities to raise the level of … Read more

US House of Representatives is investigating the federal government’s arming of citizens

Follow – consciousThe US House of Representatives has passed a resolution creating a select subcommittee to investigate whether components of the federal government have been weaponized against private citizens. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram House lawmakers passed a resolution establishing the Special Judiciary Committee in a vote of 221-211, along … Read more

“Customers know it now”

In July 2022, Aldi surprised its customers in Deurne, in the province of Antwerp, by opening a temporary outlet store. If the concept has become more recurrent, and therefore better known, over the months, it was more or less unprecedented at the time. Because in this warehouse occupied especially for the occasion by the hard-discount … Read more

the transplant from son to mother that marked a milestone in the history of Argentine medicine

A year passed from first transplant from a living donor to a patient with metastasis of colon cancer carried out at the Favaloro Foundation University Hospital. It was a novel medical practice that in our country has no history and is writing its incipient history. A moving, mobilizing and painful story -also- due to the … Read more

The first comment from the speaker of the Holy Capital Secretariat regarding the leaning architecture on another building in Al-Hafaer in Makkah

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The official spokesman for the Municipality of the Holy Capital, Osama Zeitouni, confirmed that the Municipality has examined the case of a residential building leaning on another building next to it, in the middle of the central area in the excavations of Makkah Al-Mukarramah. He pointed out that a committee was formed from … Read more