“What shocked us above all was his attitude and that of his wife who shows real contempt for us”

Jean-Paul Roussel and his wife, antique dealers in the Aisne, have been part of the Maison des brocanteurs, in the former Banque de France, since September 2021. After a year and a half of presence there, the couple – who participated in this Sunday March 19 at the Péronne commercial sale on Place Daudré – … Read more

Martinus’ wife arrested, she allegedly tried several times to assassinate him

“Martinus Witte had a big mouth and a big heart. He was there for everyone, ”debby testified in July 2022 about her husband. The man had lost his life trying to protect his niece Marly Schapendonk from her ex-companion, Eric V. But things look different now. The one who had stayed two days with his … Read more

two injured during the laetare of Sart-Tiège, a young woman fell from a tank!

During the carnival procession on Sunday morning, in Sart-lez-Spa, a person fell from the float of the Jurassic Sart group and injured his knee. It was at the end of the morning lap, when the tail of the procession descended towards the center of Sart, that the incident occurred. Apparently she wanted to change the … Read more

a woman finds herself under a car, “she is in critical condition”

It was 11 p.m. on Friday when the emergency services had to intervene on the Hellevoorstraat in Nijlen, Antwerp. When they arrived, a 50-year-old woman was under a car with serious injuries. Taken to hospital, the victim is still in critical condition, reports Het Laatste Nieuws. For now, the circumstances of the accident are still … Read more

she had planned an attack on Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

They intended to join the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) in the country, but were able to be arrested. This is the second conviction for terrorism of the thirties, deradicalized since the last facts. MB was sentenced in March 2018 to four years in prison in Bruges in particular for having disseminated terrorist propaganda and … Read more

the couple falls from above today, “it cost 224 euros…”

Seven years ago, Luc Hasselaar wanted to please his wife Denise for Valentine’s Day. This Belgian then offered him a card which gave him unlimited access to the Hezemeer wellness center located in Laakdal, near Tessenderlo. “The vouchers cost 224 euros and had unlimited validity, which was clearly indicated on the voucher”, explains Luc to … Read more