Beware of Pension Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Phone Call Fraud

2023-12-06 17:40:00 A couple of pensioners from Nandrin had 740 euros stolen following a phone call that seemed larger than life, emanating (supposedly) from the FPS Pensions. Another pensioner (from Wanze), also approached, avoided the trap. Never communicate the numbers that appear on your card reader. – F. DE H. By Françoise De Halleux Journalist … Read more

The Frustrating Winter Struggles of Belgian Heating Engineer Sil Van Hoorebeke

2023-12-01 18:40:00 While some are delighted with the return of snow and winter conditions, this is not the case for everyone. Like, for example, Sil Van Hoorebeke, a 36-year-old Belgian heating engineer. In fact, every time it freezes, the alarms on his van go off, forcing Sil to have it towed. A situation far from … Read more

De Vier Bollekes: The Ordeal of a Belgian Chocolate Store – Exclusive Coverage and Video Updates

2023-11-28 19:37:23 Since October 31, customers who wanted to open the doors of the De Vier Bollekes store, located in Heist-op-den-Berg (Antwerp), found themselves in front of an unusual sign. “Closed due to exceptional circumstances. » A message which remained displayed for more than three weeks and which had cause for concern among regulars. “We … Read more

Double Uterus Pregnancy: A Surprising Journey of a Mother of Three

2023-11-13 10:12:08 As the New York Post explains, this mother of three children is preparing to welcome two new little babies since she is pregnant… in both of her uteruses. “It had to happen to me,” quips the resident of Birmingham, Alabama. “I’m not someone who seeks attention…”. However, all the media today are talking … Read more

Unveiling the Mystery of Feathers in Store-Bought Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

2023-11-03 14:30:00 This may have happened to you before: finding a feather on one of your four, six, eight or twelve store-bought eggs. Is this a marketing stunt? Our Flemish colleagues from HLN asked the question to Annabelle Vanhaecke, technical advisor in laying hens at Pehestat, an organization specializing in poultry research. > Everything you … Read more

The Impact of Brand Variations on Pasta Cooking Time: Unveiling the Secrets

2023-10-31 18:30:00 Does the dough cooking time vary from brand to brand? This is a question that many pasta lovers have run into before, especially when trying to mix leftovers from different brands in the same pan. Although seemingly identical, pasta from different brands may actually require very different cooking times. At Lidl, orzo (a … Read more

Understanding Your Energy Bill: Tips to Check for Errors and Contact Your Supplier

2023-10-26 09:42:00 Published on Thursday August 3, 2023 at 10:33 a.m. Just as you check your receipt when leaving the store, it can be useful to check your energy bills. And, if necessary, have them corrected. We also explain how suppliers prepare your invoice. Complaints have exploded at the Walloon energy mediator. This is due, … Read more