The Frustrating Winter Struggles of Belgian Heating Engineer Sil Van Hoorebeke

2023-12-01 18:40:00 While some are delighted with the return of snow and winter conditions, this is not the case for everyone. Like, for example, Sil Van Hoorebeke, a 36-year-old Belgian heating engineer. In fact, every time it freezes, the alarms on his van go off, forcing Sil to have it towed. A situation far from … Read more

CGSP Education Work Stoppage: Teachers Protest Against Violence from Parents at Ecole du Center

2023-10-16 14:48:56 A work stoppage of Seresian teachers affiliated with the CGSP Education is planned for Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Teachers affiliated with the CGSP have decided to stop work from 8:30 a.m. to 9:19 a.m. to meet in front of the Ecole du Center in Jemeppe-sur -Meuse to protest against verbal and physical violence … Read more

From Millionaires to Modest: How This Couple Redefined Simplicity After Winning Big

2023-10-12 16:30:00 Becoming a millionaire overnight doesn’t mean spending your money haphazardly. This couple is living proof. By Sudinfo Published on 08/19/2023 at 8:53 p.m. What would you buy if you became a millionaire overnight? Asking the question is one thing, having to actually answer it is another. Rob and his wife Ruth found themselves … Read more

Challenges in Precarious Contracts and Independent Employment at RTBF: A CGSP Perspective

2023-10-03 12:10:08 “Several of our colleagues have seen or will see the end of their fixed-term contracts (CDD) or replacement contracts (CDR) while their presence remains essential to the proper functioning of the production and distribution of our content” , indicates the CGSP. According to the union, many people alternate between precarious contracts and employment … Read more

Belgian Television Legend Dany Verstraeten Retires After 35 Years at VTM: A Farewell to Remember

2023-09-06 06:21:37 After a long career, the presenter closed his last television news this Tuesday, September 5, 2023. Not without a word for his many colleagues and loyal viewers. VTM video capture February 1989 – September 2023. Dany Verstraeten’s career at VTM was long and glorious. For 35 years, the Flemish journalist made the heyday … Read more

Protecting Seniors from Online Scams: The Story of François Vissers and How to Stay Safe

2023-08-30 08:15:12 Remember… Last March, we told you about François Vissers, this 89-year-old resident of Turnhout, who thought he was online with his bank ING. When his interlocutor had described the steps to follow, the octogenarian obeyed. Without knowing it, the latter therefore had access to his bank account. of videos The scammer took the … Read more

Cupping Methods in China: An In-Depth Look at Traditional Techniques and Practices

2023-08-29 20:26:49 Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media activists circulated a video clip documenting the method of cupping in China. The clip documented two different ways to implement cupping for patients in China. And during the clip, one of the patients was sleeping on his stomach while a number of large copper cups were placed on the … Read more

Security at El Café Bar: Closure Following Rape Conviction Raises Concerns

2023-07-16 17:02:57 Closing of the El Café bar: the sorter convicted of rape wanted to continue working in security! Sentenced to 50 months in prison for having raped a 20-year-old student while he was a social worker at the El Café, B. wanted to recover his approval from the Ministry of the Interior. Request denied. … Read more